How we Build a Drill Machine

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One day I watched my friends play in the sandbox trying to dig as deep as they could. And I thought maybe I could dig to the center of the earth. I knew it would be very hot but I could prove a debated theory for decades. I knew I needed help so I got some people Deleana, George, and Fredrick. I had a plan first I would build a ship then go on from there.

That day I was at the park so I thought I would go to my house to start building my machine. I made my machine out of a car and a big drill. Then I thought we would be bored so I added an antenna to listen to music. So I got everyone in and we started going down. We got down to 40 km through the continental crust. It was soft and not that thick it was like 45 km deep. So we decided to turn the radio on and realized it was music from like the ’50s then we started laughing.

We continued to listen to old music as we made it to the upper mantle. the lithosphere. It was made of solid rock and nobody felt that much pressure only a little bit. So since Deleana knew how to drive the machine she stirred while I looked through the window amazed. George and Frederick were the scientists so they were collecting the data. Soon we were at the lower mantle called the asthenosphere. We were 1,500 km down i started to feel the pressure on my bones. It was hard rock I knew we were getting closer to the center.

I could feel the pressure pushing down on my bones. Deleana said, “oh my gosh I see water”!! Then George said don’t worry it’s just a little really hot liquid iron and nickel because we are at the outer core it’s normal…..Deleana said yeah don’t worry?! That’s really bad! Then we realized the outer core was 2,900 km down. But good thing Frederick helped us build our drill machine. Deleana had the great idea to make it lava and fireproof. Then George said we were only a few our away from the center. I was so excited!

The pressure started to really hurt but we were okay. Then we all counted down the km before we got to the middle. 5,099 then finally 5,100! Gearoge said to Deleana okay stop digging. We got to the center the inner core!! Okay, so the core is a total of 5,100 km!! He said the center was made of solid iron and nickel with a little bit of sulfur. Then Frederick added it was because of the pressure….so that’s why it was a little painful. We celebrated with ac because it was so hot there.

Okay so after we celebrated we knew we had to go back up. So as we went back to the surface our power was a little low. We had to go through 4 layers so the journey was long but we made it there. but it took us 8 years to get down and 8 years to go up. It took us 16 years total. someone interviewed us when we went back up. Then we noticed everything was modern and weird. The camera was made of a clear unfamiliar material to all of us. Then we saw a green thing moving in the back maybe an alien…..who knows maybe then we realized…...where was Frederick only George was there. But wait he was just on the drill!!....where was he?....

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