School Trip to the Center of the Earth

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“Are we all ready?” Coach Crandall asked all of us softball girls on the bus”. Today we will be traveling to the center of the earth to participate in a school-smart activity instead of softball. “But coach Faucette you said we were going to a tournament!” Mattison said, but he had already fallen asleep. Don’t worry it will be fun coach Crandall added. Roll call? Ciara asked, Bailie, Mattison, Josie, Magen, Sydney, Camryn, Hannah, umm, Hailey, Kiearra, Olivia and ummm where is Serenity. Oh shes talking to the boys Olivia chuckled. “Beep Beep!”Coach Crandall beeped the bus horn, and Serenity came runnin’. Now the whole croud is here! Spring break of 2019 is when it all began…

Hours passed and we were already swimming in the oceanic crust. Next thing we saw was incredible! Mermaids!They had some magical power that opened the oceanic crust channelso before we knew it we would be at the upper mantle. “How thick/long was that swim?” Camryn asked. “Well the oceanic crust (which is what we just swam through) is 5-10 Kilometer thick and at least it was really cool and dense due to pressure from the ocean.” Magen stated. “OK!, Now lets move onto the upper mantle!”coach crandall said.

“Did you know that the upper mantle is part of the lithosphere?” Magen asked. “Yep were learning this in scince class ya know” she added.Everyone laughed. Besides OLiviashe looked like she was in bad shape. I asked her what was wrong? She said “its just really hot and I have bad asthma.” Well we will get you an inhaler.”I said. A couple mintutes passed while we were trying ot calm down Olivia with her asthma. And then Mattison broke the quiet talk. “Yea the upper mantle is fairly hot but not a shot as the other layers.” she said. The upper mantle has a fairly high tempuature of approximentally 4,000 degrees celcius. And then out of nowhere… “Ewwwww, why are my protective boots sinking in all this….Muck?” Sydney asked. Its”because the upper mantle is very viscous or semi-solid meaning, its basically like muck, caused by convection currents.”

Ciara stated. Speaking of convection currents, were already at the middle mantle. “That muck and those convection currents tookus down fastewr than I thought.” I said. “Isnt the lithosphere another word for middle mantle?” Camryn asked. “Yes indeed!” coach crandall stated.” This trip willbe a little longer than the others because of its depth of 100-500 kilometers and the thickness of 1,400 kilometers!” Hailey added. “ Do you have the rafts?” I asked coach crandall. “Yes everyone hop on and enjoy the ride!” “Now the convection currents are kind of rapid so hang on!” Josie said. And because of that it made us faster getting to the lower mantle. “Sccrreechh!” Our rafts screeched against the solid rock we DIDNT know was there (or we would have slowed down) and we then entered the lower mantle. The reason the lower matle is even more solid is because increased pressureand tempuature. We tookl a nap through the lower amtle with the warm heat, but it is very similar to the middle mantle. It has the same depth and same thickness. So now we are at the outer core and we find fire mermaids! So we are obviously swimming with them in the liqid iron and nickle, I mean this is a once in a lifetime chance! And its so cool because its like they have something almost like a o-zone layer, so they can protect us from the harsh heat liqidand the harsh tempuatures of the outer core.

Did you know that the outer core has a tempuature of 4,000-5,000 degrees celcius and a depth of 2,900-5,100 and the thickness of the ouiter core is 2,200 kilometers thick.”Uhhhhhh Duhhhh!” Kiearra said. “we all learned this in 6th grade, coach crandall!” Everyone strted laughing. Before we knew it we were in the inner core on a solid surface.” Why is the inner core solid but the outer core liquid I thought heat, tempuature, and pressure increase the deeper we get into the layers?” Mattison asked. “Yes exactly the inner core is soilid due to pressure from all of the other layers.” I said. So here we are walking in the inner core with some really uncomfortable protective shoes, so we dont get severe burns from the tempuature of 5,000- 7,000 degrees celcius with the thickness if 1,275 (KM) followed by the depth of 5,100 -6,375 (KM) We found the composition of the inner core which is solid iron, nickle,and sulfur. And while we were discovering that we found a rocket!The rocket could shoot us backl to where we came from (oceanic crust), Where our bus is! “This is so cool!” Ciara said. W all hpped in and said our goodbyes to the beautiful earth and its amazing layers. When we got back to the bus we fell asleep and when we woke up we were at a college softball game! Gators VS Atlanta. “Heres that game yall have been waiting for!”

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