Professional Outlook and Development Marine Biologist

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A marine biologist is a professional who studies plants and animals residing in the ocean to understand several biological factors including their behavior, characteristics, and ecosystem. Karleskint noted that they assess how various species interact with each other and how human life potentially impacts them. Their work is essential for various purposes including conservation, science establishment, and breeding cultivation. Some of the aspects they pay a closer look at include reproduction and specimen population. As an essential job in the ecological sphere, it would be imperative to assess it with regards to growth rate, salary and benefits, and the educational requirements.

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“Professional Outlook and Development Marine Biologist”

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First, it is vital to appreciate that a marine biologist is scientists that can work in the same area as wildlife biologists and zoologists. They study the living organisms, their ecology, and fundamental life processes. Marine biologists can also work as limnologists who specialize in working in the organisms living in the fresh water. Marine biologists can be found either working in the laboratory for their biochemical processes or they can also be found at sea conducting observations and further research. With regards to educational requirements, marine biology requires extensively qualified personnel with most holding a doctoral degree. The doctoral education plays a vital role in equipping the professional with genomic, physiological, evolutionary, organismic, and biochemical processes of the saltwater organisms. The intense educational qualification helps an individual to understand the relationship between the organism, their environment, and various life processes. The Ph.D. programs further enable an individual to specialize in various fields including deep-sea biology, photobiology, high-pressure biology, vertebrate biology, and microbiology among others (Karleskint 123).

Regarding the prospects of the job and employment opportunities, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) postulates that employment of biologists including the marine biologists is expected to rise by a paltry 4% between 2014 and 2024. It, therefore, means that the job growth in this industry is lower than the average of all the occupations in the country. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also reported in 2010 that employment in the field of marine biology is very competitive. The federal and state governments provide a majority of jobs in this field, but still, there is a massive shortage of jobs in the country. Other employers of these professionals include the university research facilities, aquariums, and consulting firms. The median salary for marine biologists, including wildlife biologists and zoologists as of 2015 was at $59,680.


Hoeve et al. illustrate that the role of the registered nurses (RN) is to promote health, help patients to cope with illnesses, and also prevent diseases. They are not only advocates but also health educators for the patient, their families, and the community at large (295-296). They provide direct care to the patient through observation and assessment of patient symptoms, reactions, and progress. Also, they assist physicians during treatments, surgeries, examination, and also in the administration of drugs. Furthermore, they assist the patients in convalescence and the process of rehabilitation. There are different types of nurses depending on where they work. They include hospital nurses, office nurses, and nurse practitioners among many others. Therefore nursing is regarded as one of the most important jobs in the country due to its impact on the health of the citizens. In this regard, it would be necessary to assess its job requirements, salaries and benefits, and job prospects.

For one to become a nurse, they can take one of the following paths including a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, or a diploma from an approved institution and program. Additionally, all registered nurses must be licensed. In either of the programs, one would be required to take several courses including microbiology, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and psychology. A bachelor’s degree program will have additional courses in social and physical sciences, critical thinking, communication, and leadership. Regarding the career prospects, employment of nurses was projected to grow by 19% from 2012 to 2022 (Hoeve et al. 300). As such, the growth would be faster than all occupations in the US. Some of the factors that will prompt the growth include the emphasis on preventive care and the increased demand for health services across the nation. According to a job report released in 2017, the US job economy created 222,000 new jobs with health care alone taking 37,000 new jobs out of the total hence showing positive signs for nurses’ employment in the future. In 2015, the BLS released statistics that the employment of nurses is projected to grow by 16% between 2014 and 2024.

Juraschek, Stephen et al. asserted that Nurses enjoy an average salary of $64,000 across the country. The average salaries for posting are also relatively high compared to other professionals with a difference of 7%. The top 10% in the nursing profession earn approximately $94,000 and above. However, one must have extensive experience in the field coupled with advanced education such as a master’s degree in nursing. Government employees are the highest earners followed by others in the private institutions. The lowest paid nurses are those working in the doctor’s offices. Additionally, nurses enjoy benefits depending on the state they work that might include house, risk allowance, extraneous, and uniform allowance among others.


The role of a psychiatrist is to diagnose, analyze, treat, and prevent the possibility of human mental, behavioral, and emotional disorder. They assess the patients’ mental and physical condition to determine the extent and nature of their mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They also order laboratory tests, neuropsychological tests, imaging, and scans among other diagnostic procedures. Furthermore, they are instrumental in prescribing and administering drugs, psychotherapy, physical treatments, and other rehabilitation programs. They are also vital in a legal and forensic setting where they assist the courts and statutory bodies in providing expert opinion. There are several ways of securing a career in the field of psychiatry. Riese, Florian, et al. pointed out that the main one and the most recommended is to obtain a bachelor’s degree and a further two years hospital-based training. Additionally, another five years specialist training and study is recommended. Most workers in this field generally possess a post-graduate qualification. Registration and licensing are required.

With regards to the job prospects, psychiatry is a small profession that employs a paltry 28,200 workers. Also, the number of workers has fallen in the past five years. However, Hayward noted that the BLS postulates that the number of workers is expected to grow in the next five years by around 15% (1891). The workforce is also composed of mature individuals with an average of 57 years compared to the country’s average which is at 40 years. Therefore, this further makes it difficult for new entrants who would like to be employed. A 2016 report showed that the unemployment rate in this field was below average. Like physicians, psychiatrists enjoy a high salary. The BLS reported that the median salary for these professionals was at $182,700 in 2014. The lowest paid psychiatrist could still manage a decent salary of $61,600 per year. With regards to the employer, those working at the outpatient facilities enjoy the highest salaries which could go up to $196,000. Those working for the local governments also managed to get a higher pay package of about $195,510. Some of the states that pay high wages in this field include Wyoming, Alaska, Indiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Just like many health professionals, they enjoy additional benefits such as extraneous, health, and holiday allowances among others.

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