Animals Locked in Laboratory Cages

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Being in a shelter makes the dogs not behave like themselves, they become distant which makes them unadoptable. They become scared to trust anyone, they resist human touch or may become food aggressive since sharing a kennel with other dogs. Dogs who are born “under a bad sign” such as bulldogs, pitbulls, and black dogs are more likely to get euthanized because people won’t adopt them as much. No kill shelters who claim to not kill their animals usually take in dogs who are more likely to get adopted, hence why they’re called “no kill” shelters. Animals who are accepted spend their lives in cages for months, years, or the rest of their lives.

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“Animals Locked in Laboratory Cages”

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The dogs who are not taken in or on the waiting list end up on the side of the road. A man from Pennsylvania tried to take his dog to a no kill shelter was told to go back two weeks later if the shelter had room. The man left in his truck, threw the dog out and ran over the poor dog (Peta, 2018). These dogs don’t deserve to be treated with disrespect, they do nothing wrong and it needs to end. Euthanasia meaning “good death” is what shelters do to animals when not having space or when unwanted. The method is followed by an injection of sodium pentobarbital. Sometimes it is a quick and peaceful death but most of the time animals go through harsh deaths. Animal shelters use gunshots to kill theses animals, gunshots that are not placed correctly.

They often survive the first gunshot and will suffer just to be shot again till death. Another method that is used are gas chambers. Gas chambers release poisonous gas as a way to kill. When animals are in gas boxes they suffer from convulsions and muscular spasms which make them die slowly. When in gas chambers, gases in animals sinuses, middle ears, and intestines expand really quick (Peta, 2018). Some animals make it out alive but will have to go another round since they did not die, which means they have to go through the pain all over again . This can be torture for the other animals that are conscious and watch this happen in front of them when they’re next. Similar methods are used when animals are used for testing.

In this moment there are millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, dogs and many other animals locked in laboratory cages around the world (Peta, 2018).

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