We Can Keep Animals Safe

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Visualize that you are on a walk in your neighborhood and you hear whining from a basement with the window open. This is how you usually find abused animals. In the article it shows how the puppies have bruised eyes and missing paws, so, you can see how hurt they are. Itr’s the worst thing to think about when your bestfriend is your dog or cat. Animals that have been abused need our help,because they don’t have the voice themselves, but we can be their voice. When the FBI finds an animal abuse case they treat it like homicide cases. The way the FBI handles animal abuse cases could help to fight for our animals.The animals that get the most abused are usually livestock,horses,cats, and dogs.They are finally getting the right treatment and justice they need.

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“We Can Keep Animals Safe”

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When having children in the house with pets always teach them about animal abuse. In the article it says that an eleven year old boy left animals outside in cages without food. He didn’t really know what he was doing. Just make use you teach your children about animal abuse. You wouldnt want your child to cause your pet to get injured. You want to teach your children the right and wrong about animal abuse.In the article it tells you that the eleven year old boy knew the right from the wrong but was mad at the cat. So he took out his anger on the two cats and a parrot. When the police were talking to him he knew it was the wrong thing to do.
In 2011 there was a case in Arkansas, there were 176 dogs rescued off of Mrs.Thomasr’s premises. Before Mrs. Thomas was arrested the investigators received complaints about living conditions,medical,and mistreating the animals. When Mrs. Thomas was arrested she was charged with 12 misdemeanors and 6 felonies.

Now, that was just in Arkansas. In the UK someone named Mr. Davies was guilty for mistreating 16 horses. He later was then found guilty of a 52 count for animal cruelty. Mr. Davis was sentences 300 hours for community service as a punishment, he was also fined for $85,000 and was banned from keeping horses ever again.
There is an organization called Needy Paws that takes in stray animals and rescues them. This is a three step process; The first step is a detailed application. Step two is background check and interviews. The last step is a home visit with the animal. The home visit ensures that the home is a good fitting for the pet and that he/she is in a safe environment. For being placed in a good home Needy Paws pays for all the medical bills. In home visits are done by the foster care-takers of the pet. The program that fosters is all volunteers who are in charge for the safety of the animal.

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There are several things that I could do to help make people aware of animal cruelty. I could write a book to educate people on animal cruelty. Hold classes at elementary, middle school, high school and colleges on animal cruelty. Support people by sharing the animals with them at school during class to bring awareness of animal cruelty. Post on social media and make posters to hang up around schools against animal cruelty. I could write a newspaper articles, or post online. There are an unlimited amount of options.

The one thing that I think would help the most would be; getting a community to come together and donate money to animal shelters, they could take these animals, get them the medication or help they need, give them food/water, that way when they are healthy again we can find them a permanent home or shelter. As a community I think we should everything we can to keep these animals safe, animals are not just pets, they are family and friends. Now, imagine youre on a walk and you look around and see all these dogs in the backyards of your neighbors houses, they look so happy, they are running and playing. Isnt that the kind of community you want to live in? I know thatr’s one I would like to live in.

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