Simulated Physiology Laboratory

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Change is inevitable and so is technology. Computer technology keeps on advancing day in day out through the help of human creativity. Who would not wish to implement the art of technology in making work easier? Laboratory experiments are an essential part of education to any biology student, and as a result, it often calls for a practical element to be acknowledged in the science community. Furthermore, the number of experiments done is equated to the quality of the education offered and proficiency of the student. In the recent past, college science labs were less predictable, think of the circuits and pulleys, minerals and rocks, pickled piglets and bacterial brews, unknowns, and titrations. Compare with the current computer-simulated labs, in a short learning session; you can predict the force and timing of a volcano or an earthquake, trace the route of fall on Mars and breed a litter of piglets. Therefore, this pulls to my argumentative discussion in this paper on how computer-simulated physiology laboratories are better than “wet” lab.

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“Simulated Physiology Laboratory”

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Simulation is the application of a computer to replicate or emulate an object in the real-life or imagined world. Hence, a computer-simulated physiology laboratory is a scientific facility that incorporates computer technology to generate and run models that appear and behave similarly to the body system to enable assessment of the functionality of an organ and body system. Conversely, a traditional wet laboratory is the scientific facility that offers supervised or hands-on laboratory procedures in studying how the body functions. The nature of simulation may include, physical simulation, for instance, in which an actual physical object like a frog is shown on the computer monitor to enable the student to operate a laboratory piece or dissect and learn more about it. Procedural simulation provides the learner with the skills on how to go about the operation by following specific steps to reach a solution. For example, diagnosing a particular disease and prescribing treatment. Situational simulations allow the learner to be part and parcel of the experiment simulation participating in the procedure. Finally, process simulation is the one in which the student is only involved at the beginning of the method to select specific parameters and then observes the entire process without intervention.

Computer utilization continues to play vital roles in the modern-day teaching laboratory including preparation of laboratory tutorials, collaborative learning, animations, theoretical calculations, molecular modeling, and interactive quizzes. Computer simulations in lab sciences such as biology are critical as they allow students to tackle dangerous and complicated experiments, quickly acquire reproducible results, and nurture a deeper understanding of laboratory procedures and examinations. For instance, the use of computer simulation to generate a model of viral infection in mammalian cells. Computer simulation grants one with a variety of circumstances that resemble ‘real-life’ difficulties that they might be faced with in future. It is through this type of practice that learners acquire problem-solving skills and enhance conceptual development.

Finally, the use of computer-simulated labs acts as a reinforcement to the previously learned materials as well as maintaining good ethics. The number of animal species that have been dissected for the sake of our learning has been on the rise with some succumbing to death. It is unethical sacrificing the lives of animals for the sake of our understanding of physiology and anatomy. Thus, the use of audio-visual simulations displayed on computer monitors promotes animal life while enhances learning experiences. In addition, it saves time and space thus minimizing input while maximizing output. Computer-simulated physiology laboratory is the best.   

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