Stop Supporting Companies that Still Use Animals

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Companies that do not use animals for testing, usually use the “leaping bunny” logo on their products. In order for companies to use this logo they have to be able to get it certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) where the company has to pledge that they do not use animals to test their products. The companies will have to pay a one-time licensing fee that is based on the company's annual sales. Once the CCIC approves the company is allowed to use the logo on their products website and anything else that promotes their products. This logo can also be confused with the similar vegan logo. According to the Leaping bunny program, in 2011 a poll showed that people are more likely to buy a product if it showed that it was not tested on animals. As of november 15,2011 there was 395 companies certified with the leaping bunny program.

According to peta companies use animals to test their products just in case anything happens to a customer when using the products, or if someone tries to sue them then they have something to defend themselves with. Companies prefer to keep everything out of court and would rather pay for the customers injuries so that their products and their testing do not get exposed/investigated.

According to “30 makeup brands that still test on animals in 2018” by Aly Laughlin, popular brands like NARS, L’oreal, MAC, Maybelline, Revlon, Chanel still use animals to test their makeup products. Laughlin also states that L’oreal is cruelty free in the U.S. but they do sell their products in in china, where animal testing is required for foreign makeup.

We people need to stop supporting companies that still use animals to test their products, with this it will reduce the prices for the companies and will eventually make them stop using animals for their testing and start using many of the alternatives available.

Cosmetics need to be tested in some type of way, whether is on animals or on humans, a customer should be able to feel safe when using a product. However there is many alternatives that could be used, instead of measuring how long it takes for a chemical to burn an animals eye, the scientist can drop the chemical on cornea-like 3D tissue that are produced from human cells. We need to stop this from continuing, animals have rights ,and in order to prevent animal testing to continue we need to be the voice for animals in order to help them.

Stop buying products from companies who test on animals, and make sure to write to the companies explaining your reasoning to not be using their products anymore. Tell friends and family on why they should not use products that are tested on animals. Also make many donations to many charities who support animal rights like Cruelty Free International, National Anti-Vivisection Society. Animals should not be tested on they should not be prisoners, and they should be able to choose how they life their life. Be the voice they need, and do not let them suffer. 

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