The Fur Industry Cause Animals to be in Pain

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These new methods and alternatives are great since no one gets harmed while testing products. Studies have shown that skin allergy tests on guinea pigs predict only 72% of human reaction while cell based alternatives show 90%. Draize skin irritation test on rabbits show 60% and using reconstituted skin show up to 86%. Tests to find out if pregnant rats developing babies are affected by drugs detect 60% of the dangerous substance and a cell based alternative shows 100% to detect the substance. Using animals for our selfish needs is useless and should be replaced with cell based alternatives that are actually effective and better. Scientists do not only use animals for testing makeup and household products but also abuse them for their fur.

The fur industry cause animals to be in pain and suffer when there are many ways to use warm fabrics. Today 75,000,00 foxes, minks, lynx, rabbits, chinchillas, and raccoon dogs are getting killed every year for their fur. These animals are electrocuted, have their necks broken, are crushed, engulfed in traps, gassed, poisoned, and skinned alive. All this just for clothing companies who make millions of dollars from animals getting tortured. It's not fair that animals are getting abused just for people to wear. There are so many alternatives such as faux, wool, leather, and silk.

Animals in fur farms are forced to live in small wire cages stacked on top of other wire cages with more animals. Fur farms make animals have extreme physical discomfort, live in fear, distressed, hungry, sick, injured, have parasites, and get poor quality food that does not keep them living. Animals that live in fur farms are not protected from humane animal welfare and humane slaughter laws, because of that they face horrifying living conditions. They’re unable to move in their cages, are unprotected by heat or cold, bad weather conditions, experience anxiety induced psychosis, no veterinary care, live with physical injuries, are miserable, and in worst cases are so stressed to the point they cannibalize each other. Fur farming is not only located in the US, it’s also located in Europe, Argentina, China, and Russia. China use Raccoon dogs for fur with misleading advertisement by saying its from another animal. China also use cats and dogs for fur. They are either kidnapped from their owners or streets, then are sold to fur markets. A method called fur trapping exists, it's a way to catch animals with a trap for fur trading, hunting, etc.

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