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What is Animal abuse? Well, let me explain to you what it is. This is very sad because you see animals suffering in so many horrible ways. They beat up animals like human beings if they get mad the owners then take it out on the animal. For example, say if the owner got in an argument with their girlfriend they will take it out on the animal by beating it up or starving the dog. Also, they would use dogs for fights and the owners would beet money on which dog would be the last one standing. This all began in the 12th century after Roman invaded Britain. The British would make dogs fight against larger animals such as wild boar and bulls. The taste of brutal bloodsport was exported to other countries including the united states. Another big problem with animals were cocks. They would be used to fight against each other.

They would bet money as well. They would also fight to the death. The cocks would cut each other up when flying up and bumping up to each other. The cock that would survive was so injured and it had a chance dying as well or surviving to get recovered for the next match. Animal fighting is only one of many types of animal cruelty. People these days get too crazy and start beating up poor animals. We have to make things right again and care about animals because animals are like humans they have feelings as well. They are basically a child when you get them because you have to teach them like a human being. Another example is that the cows die and leave their young ones to alone and how are they going to react not having their dad or mom.

They stay lonely just so we could eat meat. People think about just themselves and do not think about the consequences. Every day there are more and more animal cruelty cases not just in our community but nationwide. Animal cruelty is not just pets being beaten and not cared for but also animals being used for human convenience, in an article PETA explains different ways animals are being abused nationally. “They are enslaved, beaten, and kept in chains to make them perform for humans’ entertainment; they are mutilated and confined to tiny cages so that we can kill them and eat them; they are burned, blinded, poisoned, and cut up alive in the name of “science”; they are electrocuted, strangled, and skinned alive so that people can parade around in their coats”( Many of us are adding to this problem by the little things we do, for example, people who buy certain makeup brands that test on animals are supporting animal experimentation which is harming animals such as bunnies, guinea pigs, rats and mice who are being injected with harmful chemicals that can lead to blindness and seizures.

Another way we are contributing to animal cruelty is by going to zoos and circus’. In places like these, they are using animals as human entertainment, they keep animals in small spaces as well as mistreat them if they don't perform as they taught them, these poor animals should be able to roam free and not be used for entertainment.Lastly, eating animals is supporting the meat industry to kill animals in inhumane ways. Many farms animals are stuck in small cages or areas getting ready to be sent to a slaughterhouse where they die slowly and painfully .Therefore animal cruelty is a nationwide issue because it doesn’t simply mean the mistreatment of pets but also animals being used for experimentation, food, clothing, and many more things. The overall major effect of the community problem is the continuous cycle of animal abuse. We as a group came to the conclusion that animal abuse is not the only problem but the way an individual is raised is a big problem too. This is a cycle that usually begins with the younger kids if they were exposed to any kind of abuse such as verbal or physical abuse which is more likely to cause post-traumatic stress disorder. So they continue the cycle themselves by abusing animals or others, since in their mentality it’s the correct way to express their angered feelings, in such a way that is not okay. For example, children will not have any sort of compassionate emotion, “Children who witness cruelty to animals experience psychological and emotional damage that compromises their empathy development because they become desensitized to feelings of kindness, hurt, pain and suffering in themselves and other living beings”(Palmer1). They are accustomed to not being treated with kindness, so they will treat others within a hatred way.

Most of the time if an animal is being abused, the people that witness it won’t speak up about it or report it to the law. The law does not do enough to protect these animals. So people don’t report it in fear they’ll get in trouble with the law themselves. In some communities they are beginning to acknowledge the lives of these precious animals, “Pets have no voice under the law or escape route from the violence that is inflicted upon them and, therefore, several states have initiated legislation to include pets and even farm animals in protective orders”(Ridge1). As more people start to speak out about animal abuse there will be more laws that will have to protect all animals. The law has yet to recognize the links between domestic abuse and animal abuse, “There is a continuous cycle between animal abuse, domestic abuse, and child abuse, and, unfortunately, the law has not explicitly recognized the links between them. Children who are exposed to family abuse situations or who have abused animals themselves are at a greater risk of a psychological and behavioral problem in the future. When children are exposed to violence or are the abusers themselves, the cycle is complete because they are more likely to grow up and become the abuser in their own families”(Ridge2). The sooner the system recognizes the links between those two issues the more quickly we’ll be able to help out the community in trying to avoid these abuses. The city of Los Angeles Animals Services Department (LAAS) was established 153 years ago. The LAAS has around six shelters in different areas of Los Angeles. Each shelter has at least one veterinarian and other vet techs for assistance, the team is trained and has experience in orthopedic surgery working with wildlife and in spay/neutering animals. They are a high adoption, high placement shelter. Their goal is to be a no-kill shelter, their mission is to “ promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of animals and people”( LAAS also has field staff that includes world-class specialized mobile animal rescue team aka “SMART”. These animal control officers are specialized in handling animal cruelty cases, they handle permits and all code enforcement including licensing, spay/neuter, leash laws and more, helping dogs, cats, hawks, alligators, horses, turtles, and etc. and the people who love or fear them(

In the LAAS website, they state, “In Fiscal Year 2011-12, our live-save rate for dogs and cats was only 57.8% and as of December 2017 the live-save rate was 91.93% for dogs and 80.11% for cats. In addition the website state, “We still have work to do for sure, and we have been making steady progress during the past six years”( The shelters are improving every year in saving dogs and helping them. The volunteers and employees are working harder each and every day to make something great out of what the can for the animals they love. The West Valley shelter was very welcoming and open. Their staff were so nice to all of us, even the volunteers. They answered all of our questions and gave many details. They showed us how the treats for dogs and we went around feeding them. LAAS provides many useful services. They provide free spay and neutering. They also provide mobile clinics. Different foundations provide other services. The Lucy pet foundation mobile clinic provides low-cost vaccines, licensing, deworming, microchipping and other services. The Sam Simon foundation mobile veterinary clinic offers a variety of free surgeries for cats and dogs, to those families who earn less than 40,000 per year. Besides doing spays and neuters they perform surgeries such as mass removals, amputations, bladder stone removals, eye removals, and etc. Spaying is a term used to describe the reproductive system of a female pet. When a female dog is spayed, the vet removes her ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.

Spaying does not allow the female pet to reproduce and eliminates her heat cycle. It is important to spay because it comes with health benefits that help a dog live a healthier and longer life, it can also help with behavior issues. This helps prevent serious health problems like mammary cancer, uterine infections, and uterine cancer. Neutering is a term to describe the castration of a male animal. The process consists of a vet removing the male’s testicles. This prevents the male from roaming away in search of a mate. Neutering helps prevent testicular cancer and some prostate problems. The shelters’ mobile clinic provides free spays in the area of south Los Angeles. If you do not live in that area you can visit a clinic near you. Another service would be microchipping. LAAS recommends microchipping because you have a higher chance of finding your dog if it ever goes missing. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice, it is injected under the animal’s skin between the shoulder blades. Every chip injected has its own unique number that is registered with a national database along with the owner’s information. In addition, they also provide permits and licensing. According to the Los Angeles animal services, “License tags identify guardians of lost animals. Each license tag has a unique number assigned to your animal only”( Animals are required to be registered especially dogs and equine. Licensing makes it easier to contact owners when an animal runs away from home. Prices vary for different animals, and for however many years it lasts for. Licensing is done at any local shelter. However, my group and I strongly wanna emphasize the importance of putting an end to Animal Cruelty and to every sickening human being who is guilty of Animal Cruelty. One way to avoid Animal Cruelty in our community is to require more adoptions for people a safe way rather than purchasing animals off the internet and off the streets. Another beneficial method to prevent Animal Cruelty is when adopting animals owners to be required to attend a class on how to discipline pets the proper way. We also believe that animal cruelty will be reduced if we had stricter restrictions on animal breeding. People think their playing god by trying to create different dog breeds. For this purpose, people should advocate the urgency of Animal Cruelty, however, if anyone witnesses this kind of comportment it should be reported to authorities immediately along with providing as much evidence as possible.

After all who isn't tired of these awful humans abusing animals? I know that I am definitely disgusted with the thought of abuse and that this happens more than we can imagine because I myself have witnessed it as well. These harmless animals would probably not fight back while being abused by their own owner. No pet deserves to ever have to be put through this. Not to mention when I say abuse I don’t just refer to physically hitting your pet, Animal Cruelty can occur in several ways such as yelling, kicking, not providing food and exposing them to drugs etc. Animals don’t deserve the horrible feeling of neglect and abandonment by their owners so let’s all come together and put an end Animal Cruelty. Save these lovely little lives. Pets are one of a kind. They are our friends who don't judge us for our beliefs, color, ethnicity and most importantly our mistakes they always remain the same and continue to love us despite on our actions. I believe children have a big impact on Animal Abuse they need to be better educated on the correct way to treat animals because they learn from the adults in their lives, adults should be superior role models to their children, including not only treating a human with compassion but pets as well. There is a purpose for promoting kindness to the young ones because if children aren't aware of kindness at a young age they will carry disrespect with them for the rest of their lives. I suggest that we should all do our part on making people realize how critical Animal Abuse is and how it is absolutely wrong to do. In conclusion, every animal should be at peace and cruelty-free by all human beings.  

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