Who and why Tests on Animals

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Life for animals that are tested on is sad. They don’t experience love or freedom or nature. After certain tests the animal is left crippled and weak. Those unfortunate animals then have their neck snapped or are decapitated after the terrible tests. All animals don’t die some are then adopted after tests they recover such as dogs. But those are very few most die after tests. There are some very humane facilities that use animals but take exceptional care of them. They provide toys and time to play. Most of those animals die of old age not from the testing. Those lives lack freedom and true happiness. Even though some live past their life expectancy in the labs.

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“Who and why Tests on Animals”

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Who and why tests on animals

There’s a huge list of companies that test on animals and the main reason is of course profit. Most of those companies being cosmetic. The majority don’t test on animals in the united states but when they start to expand their product to China is when the problem starts. Cosmetics in China are by law required to have been tested on animals for safety reasons.

Any company that sells its product in china is not a cruelty free company. Although some of those companies advertise as cruelty free. Some examples of companies that test on animals are Victoria’s Secret, Clinique, Maybelline, and Avon(PETA). These companies just put profit and expansion over the ethics of not testing on animals and staying a true cruelty free company. Although some companies still label themselves as such.

In conclusion animal testing is truly morally and scientifically confusing. There are 2 sides to the spectrum. One side saves million of lives and prevents deadly diseases. It helps find treatment for some of the worst ailments we encounter such as cancer, diabetes, and polio. It helps future surgeons perfect the skills they need to save lives. It also makes sure that new products are safe enough for our use. There’s the other side which is just mortifying at times.

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