Animals should not be Treated with Disrespect

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My senior research project will be about animals and how they need the rights they deserve. Animals are getting abused, killed, and used for humans selfish needs. Makeup, household, and clothing companies are torturing these poor animals for no good reason when there are many alternatives for testing. Dogs are being used for competitions which get them tired out to the point they die, zoos are not taking care of their animals how they they should, etc.

Animals should not be treated with disrespect, they have feelings and suffer the exact same way humans do. Just because they cannot speak doesn't mean we should treat them differently. Animal rights does not mean we should only make animals our priority or make animals do humanly things but to treat them with care, freedom, and love. This topic is important to me because we all need to be equal and fair to not just humans but other living things, such as animals. Animals play a huge role in our lives and benefit us so much, health wise. Animals who detect seizures, used in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical rehabilitation to help patients recover exist. They are able to improve people's lives in many ways.

The way they help and benefit us should be returned and be done the same for them. I believe there should be a change because it's not fair that animals get abused or killed for doing nothing wrong. Humans use animals for their own needs some by gambling, clothing, makeup. The way we could end this is finding more ways to test on products without using animals, make sure they get care when used for zoos, and championships. Animals should not get euthanized for not having any room in shelters, we should make more room because it's wrong to kill them when not getting adopted. These animals feel alone, scared and confused so they should be cared for. People assume shelters are a good place where they are cared for and get adopted right away, which is not true.

Every year around 1.2 million dogs are euthanized, 7.6 million dogs are taken in a shelter with only 2.6 million leaving the shelter, (TheDodo, 2015). More than half of the animals don’t make it out alive or adopted at all. The dogs days are numbered which can be a stressful, confusing, and sad moment for them.

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