What Limitations Restrictions should be Imposed on Use of Cell Phones

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Discuss the use of cell phones as tools for collaborative work. What are the greatest advantages? Be sure to address any limitations on mobile phone use as it applies to teamwork. What limitations/restrictions should be imposed on use of cell phones to collaborate? How would your team adapt for team members without cell phones?

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“What Limitations Restrictions should be Imposed on Use of Cell Phones”

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Mobile collaboration is the way of the future, and most business will see a lot more benefits by adapting to process. There are many advantages when it comes to mobile collaboration in today’s business world.

  • improve customer service
  • remain in contact with the office, customers and suppliers
  • increase mobility
  • increase productivity
  • work remotely (eg. work from home or away from an office)

Connecting a mobile phone or a laptop to the internet can give employees an even greater degree of flexibility. Mobile devices have transformed the way we live and conduct ourselves whether it’s personal or business. It allows us to have access to almost any type of content on mobile, but with most mobile devices today we can deposit checks, accept credit cards, order food and pay for groceries, sign digital documents, and even lock our house door and turn our lights on.

With all mobile devices there are some limitations and constraints that we have to work though in our daily lives especially when it comes to business. These strengths and limitations play out in good mobile user experiences, for example (the size of the screens) In spite of the modern trend towards larger-screen phones, what makes mobile phones so convenient and portable is their size. Compared to desktop and even laptop screens, phone screens accommodate a lot less content.

Although many phone manufactures are trying to accommodate multiple windows on the screen at the same time, the limited size of the mobile screen makes that goal quite difficult, even with today’s larger-screen phones. The vast majority of users only see a single window at a time; they cannot split the screen (as on the desktop) and work with two different apps simultaneously.

Despite considerable progress in mobile technology over the years, there should be some limitations/restriction on mobile devices when collaborate in the workplace. Some of the limitation should include limiting the amount of personal calls, sending text message or checking social media accounts while at work.

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