The Effect of Cell Phones

      The cell phone is one of the greatest invention in 20th century. I could not imagine my life without a cell phone. It is an obviously true that the mobile phone gives us benefits in some parts of life. Using a cell phone sends off our communication to make it easier communicate. It can provide us with a lot of things like music, messaging or playing games. However, today people more so teens and young adults are becoming addicted to using a cell phone. They can not stand to put the cell phone down, even for a minute. With all of the benefits that a cell phone does have, most people do not realize all the negative effects that having a cell phone can cause. It causes lack of grammar skills, lack of personalities, and most importantly a distraction.

      Texting is one of the most popular ways of communication, especially among this generation. Texting is convenient and carries information quickly, to multiple people at once. But grammar is needed and is a crucial part of our language. When a person texts, they use emojis for example; smiley, silly, sad, and mad faces and also acronyms such as ‘lol’ and ‘Idk’ to show emotions. However, in school, emojis and acronyms are forbidden in essays. So many students get so used to the “texting language”, that when it comes time to write a paper, they are too used to their “texting language” to use the correct grammar. The thing that our generation relies on the most when texting is spellcheck. But In reality it doesn’t catch many if not any errors, because none of the words could actually be misspelled. For example, you can write something just by adding or subtracting a letter, and it’ll still go through as spelled correctly, and we would not know any different. Same thing goes with punctuation we rely on technology to catch our mistakes when we really should know if it’s right or wrong on our own.

      Research shows that cell phones cause lack of personalities. Which means that when having a conversation in person we tend to feel the pressure that we may have said unneeded information or not accomplishing something, because when using our phones we can hide if what we said if it is not correct or blame it on someone else for typing and sending it. Which leads to lack of eye contact, and not being able to finish the conversation when you are in the wrong. For example, I asked my teammate how she communicated with her friends and she explained that when she and her friends get together in person, they are never “just talking.” The reason for that is because someone always is on their phone, showing or sending something. So then that causes silence in the conversation which then becomes awkwardness and that is when our generation immediately turns to cell phones.

      What most people do not know is that only 5 seconds of eyes off the road is as long as running a football field blindfolded when traveling at 55 miles per hour. Most 18 to 20 year old drivers would answer a call while behind the wheel. Before cell phones became so popular texting and driving was not a big factor, the main cause for wrecks and etc was mostly drinking and driving. Cell phones being a driving distraction is not the only this it distracts people from. Young adults and students also get distracted from school and school work. Teachers will never have their full attention in the classroom if cell phones are not prohibited. When learning something new students should always give their full attention to fully understand the subject. Teenagers and kids born in the 21st century have no problem working a cell phone secretively and quick. Even in schools where it is strict with cell phones students find ways of getting away with using a cell phone. Cell phones also do not help when a student is studying for an exam or doing any sort of homework. They are always texting their friends and checking up on their social media.

      It is obviously true that cell phones can give us benefits in some parts of life. But, it also causes lack of grammar skills, lack of personalities, and most importantly a huge distraction. Cell phones have completely changed our world. People now use them to pass time, for work, school, and a whole lot more. The majority of people in this world owns a cell phone.

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