Short Review of the Scarlet Ibis

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This story was about a kid who was born with disabilities where he could not walk. He was having a really sad life and he had a brother older than him. His brother was mad and selfish for his own reasons The narrator of 'The Scarlet Ibis' is a kid who is never been named. We only know that he lives in a country, near a old swamp that they love to go to and the ocean, and that he's six when his little brother is born. Now, the kid brother, William Armstrong, is born with some disabilities.

They fear that his mind is very damaged just like his body they say. His family is so down on the little guy that they built a kid-sized coffin for him because they thought he was going to die, just, you know, planning ahead.Older brother has high hopes that William will fulfill his fantasies of a ball-throwing, rope-jumping, swamp-swimming, boat-rowing, sporty little brother. However, while Doodle's body doesn't work all that well, the kid turns out to have a very nice brain.

So, his first plan was to smother his brother with a pillow because he was so selfish. But he is not doing that anymore, he decides to keep him around. That's what you call brotherly love! Sometimes our narrator is really sweet to Doodle, like when he encourages Doodle to keep trying until he can at some point stand on his own, like when he drags Doodle to the barn where the family has stowed the tiny coffin they had built for him. The sweet older brother won't let Doodle leave until he touches his own coffin.

Doodle grows up under the on and off love of his brother, learns to walk, and impresses the family with a natural knack for telling stories. He's an imaginative, sensitive child, but our lovely narrator will be happy enough with nothing less than his athletic brother. When Doodle gets the ok to attend the school for the first surprising time, his brother plans on a plan to get Doodle's fitness up to his standards so he won't be an embarrassment to him in the schoolyard. The narrator has his little brother trying to do all these things that he can't even do yet like climb ropes, row boats, and swim and all these other things

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