The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online and Traditional Classes

Taking courses for school online and on campus is completely different. I should know because I have experienced both. When I first graduated from High School enrolled in a four year college, and dropped out of college six semesters later. Years went by and decided to go back to school, though I managed to finish a two year program, being older, married and with children led me to take classes on-line, so I can finally finish a bachelor degree. Some ways that they are different are you can take a class online in the convenience of your own home, as opposed to taking a class in a traditional classroom where you have to drive to get there. You can log in to your class whenever you have the time to and the traditional class you have specific time frames and finally the way courses are taught. Although there are many differences between taking each class, there are also many similarities that appeal to different peoples learning styles.

First I will discuss how convenient is to take an on line class, you can access your classroom twenty hours a day seven days a week. I can enter my on line class whenever I have time. Living a busy lifestyle can be very stressful, so having the peace of mind of accessing my school work whenever possible takes a heavy burden off my shoulders. Gone are the days when I rushed out of my job to find myself stuck in traffic waiting for the traffic to clear a little bit so I can make it to school on time. I also had to worry about being late all the time, not only because points were taken off every time you were late, but because I did not want to miss important information that will help me with the homework later. Traffic was not the only factor for being late, weather was the other factor, related to delays, on cold, snowy nights, not only slows you down, but it is hazardous. Of course in the event of a storm, the class would be cancelled.

Another convenience about online classes is that I do not have to worry about dropping my kids off somewhere so that I can be able to make to class, back when my oldest daughter was seven or eight years old I had to worry about taking her to my cousin's house so I can make it to school. Another reason why it makes so convenient taking an online class is that I do not have to worry about my looks, I can be wearing pajamas pants, I do not have to fix my hair, wear makeup, I can eat, and yell at my toddler at the same time. I can start dinner take a brake and finish it later, I can throw a laundry load into the washing machine, and the possibilities are endless.

Having to drive to school means that, I need to have money to buy gas, so I can get there versus taking online classes. I can save a lot of money because gasoline prices are so high. Today I heard a comment that before the summer is over gas prices are going to be five dollars a gallon, I just wonder what else is coming next; we all know the effects high cost in gasoline, everything else goes up. If I were to calculate at the end of the year how much money I have saved on gas, I would probably have saved enough to take a mini vacation. Not only taking online classes will help me by saving money. But I can feel good about myself for helping our planet. Not driving to school means not polluting the air, which means preventing the ozone layer from getting any bigger.

Now taking a class in a traditional classroom has its advantages, some classes only meet once a week. Unlike online classes, that in order to meet the course expectations. I need to break down my assignments into small pieces so that is not overwhelmingly stressful. In a traditional classroom, you do in class discussions. So that you can interact with the teacher. And other students, if you do not understand something you can ask the instructor right there and then, not so with an online class, I need to e-mail my instructor in order for my question to be answered and then wait for a reply. Another advantage would be that you only have to write a final paper at the end of the semester, unlike an online class you need to write all the time, you have to write your discussions, write essays on topics you have learned throughout the class, you have to comment on things you have read on the discussion board etc. In a traditional you only have to be there for a short period of time, if your class only lasts two hours at the end of it you are free to spend time with your family, or use your spare time conveniently. The spare time you get in a traditional classroom only means it will take longer to finish school, an online class it only takes six weeks, versus a traditional classroom where it can take as long as three months to be finished.

Having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both online and traditional classes, it is hard to say which one is better, or easier, I think it depends on individual learning styles, some people would probably do better when taking an online class, whereas for other individuals it might be easier to take a class in a traditional setting.

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