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Foreign Direct Investment | Economics Dissertations

Chapter One 1.1 Introduction The drying up in the early 1980’s of commercial bank lending to developing economies made most countries eased restriction on foreign direct investment (FDI) and many aggressively offered tax incentives and subsidies to attract foreign capital (Aitken and Harrison, 1999). Private capital flow to emerging market economies reached almost $200 billion in […]

Pages: 60 Words: 17882 Topics: Economic Growth, Employment, Nigeria, Oligopoly, Productivity, Quantitative Research, Research

Studying the Existence

CHAPTER 2 Literature review 2.1. Theories on Multinational Companies: Review and Synthesis 2.1.1. Introduction In the process of studying the existence, growth and business activities of multinational companies, various theoretical approaches have been developed in the past forty years, depending on the scholars` fields of specialization, perspective and objectives. It is particularly important to distinguish […]

Pages: 49 Words: 14556 Topics: Collectivism, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Market, Oligopoly, Social Capital, Strategic Management
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Micro Economics – Analysis on the Behavior and Performance of Firms

Micro economics QUESTION ONE Perfect Competition: Perfect competition is a market place or structure where many companies offer a similar product. As there is free choice of entry and exit and perfect information. Therefore companies will make normal profits and prices will be kept low by pressure of the competition in the market. All companies […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1904 Topics: Competition, Economy, Market, Microeconomics, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Perfect Competition

Real Options Analysis in Investments Finance Essay

Real options analysis is an innovative approach towards the evaluation of investment and financial decisions, investment appraisal, asset valuation and performance measurement. Furthermore Real option analysis facilitates us to incorporate our judgments on investments, operations and disinvestment. It is based on the perceptive that at least one of the value-determining variables is evolving unpredictability and […]

Pages: 21 Words: 6186 Topics: Competition, Economy, Investment, Market, Oligopoly

Prisoner’s Dilemma Essay Online for Free

Introduction In this report is to introduce what is the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the meaning about Cartel Union. First is to analyze the correlation of manufacturers and the prisoners’ dilemma due to the correlation. The effectiveness of Cartel coalition is investigated and the principle of output dispense is given. Explain the factors affecting the stability […]

Pages: 12 Words: 3595 Topics: Competition, Economy, Monopoly, Oligopoly

Lidl Grocery Store Example for Free

The UK grocery market is a highly competitive and saturated market with thousands of competitors. Demand is distinct for being price elastic such is the nature of the market. This makes it notoriously difficult to make any advances on market share (Burt and Sparks, 2003). Since entering this market in 1994, Lidl have become deeply […]

Pages: 8 Words: 2531 Topics: Brand, Future, Market, Oligopoly, Retail, Strategic Management, Supermarket, Tesco
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