Favorite Memories

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When ever I went on secret santa we were getting gifts for people who couldn’t afford presents for people who didn’t have time to go christmas shopping during the holidays. So we all got in groups and started shopping. The hard part was you were not shopping for yourself. My guy wanted headphones a sports video game and also a card game. And also we got him toothpaste toothbrush soap and we got him some clothes and shoes. And we also got him fun card games to play with his friends and family.

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“Favorite Memories”

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It was finally the day to go to bsse and everybody was excited. So we got on the bus and hit the road because it was kinda a long drive. We finally got there and it was time to cook the food for the customers. I was in united kingdom so we got to make sand jars and kool aid and also the mummy dogs. It was fun to make the food but I was excited to eat. We got all our food cooked and ready for the customers. It was actually cool serving the food to the customers. I was the last group to eat so I got a pretzel and I got one of our mummy dogs kool aid and some chips. Sadly it was time to leave but my mom promised me she would take me home with her.

Jefferson City

Today was the day that we went to Jefferson city for the day.first we waited for the buses in the front of the school. The buses finally got there and me and my friends were super excited to go to jefferson city. We got on the bus and started driving because it was 2 hour drive. We were like 1 hour in and there was a lot of people a sleep. Everybody was saying they need to go to the bathroom so we stopped at menards to use the restroom. We finally got out of that boring store. And get on the road because we had still 1 hour left. We finally made it and my legs feel like jello. We got our bags out of the bus and we ran inside because it was wet from the rain. We got inside and started walking around the building. We got done with learning about history and finally went home. Because I was tired from all the walking and everything we did.


That was my favorite memories of elementary we talked about Secret Santa Bsse and also Jefferson City what was your favorite to hear about and what was your favorite elementary memories.

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