Fortnite Game Guide and Weeks Challenges

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Fortnite is a popular video game involving cartoon characters. The player wins by fighting off creatures that look like zombies. It can be accessed using different platforms including Mac, IOS, PlayStation 4 and some of the android devices. It has been designed to allow both single players and multiple players. There are weekly challenges for the players. In order for one to play, you have to create an account using an email address and a username. The email account will then be verified before allowing you to start. The characters can be quite disturbing and it is therefore rated 12+. Fortnite has a more popular mode, Fortnite Battle Royale, that allows up to 100 players online who compete on an individual level.

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“Fortnite Game Guide and Weeks Challenges”

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Fortnite Game Weekly Challenges

The game has 8 seasons so far, and each season has 10 weekly challenges that require to be unlocked for you to play. You, as a player, are required to achieve the set goals. Once you have achieved them, you are rewarded. It does not really mean you complete it that week, you get to complete them before the entire season ends.

The challenges are of different types based on location, certain type of action and search quests. The challenge based on location usually requires a player to find a hidden spot on the map. Action-based challenges will want you to use a specified weapon a number of times before the challenge is unlocked. The game also has overtime challenges for certain calendar days of the year like valentine’s day.

You should remember that some of these challenges may be quite difficult and will really take time to unlock, while others are really easy. You should make time to wrap up the difficult ones and they will disappear completely once the season ends.

Fortnite Game Guide

The goal of every player is to be the last man standing and this can be really hard before that is the ultimate goal for all the 100 players. To get started, there are some tips to help the players win.

  • Select Fortnite Party Assist

This new feature helps you to complete a challenge that you are stuck on by allowing your friends to help you. So before you start a match, you should activate the assist mode and it will be flagged for your friends to see that. It gives you a chance to work together as a team and get past a challenge successfully.

  • Keep watching the game after you have been eliminated

For any beginner it is not wise to jump into a new game after you have been killed. It is advisable to keep watching the game and find out what led to your death. This also helps you gets tips to use in your new game since you will be observing how your more experienced friends are doing. You get to acquire new skills by just observing and apply them in your new game. If there is any trend in you being eliminated every time, you will know that it is time to change your gaming stratagem.

  • Use the Playground Mode to take a break

This fortnite feature gives you a chance to explore the map without being on the watch for rivals. This mode allows you to familiarize yourself with various places; the golf course, dirt race track and the Viking outpost. You will also get to test some of the weapons you have never used before.

  • Avoid running in the open

Stay under cover most of the time to avoid being a target for enemies. Crouching also helps you to stay quiet and move without being easily spotted. Think before you make any sudden moves. If you are running, make sure to cover your tracks to avoid being followed.

  • Aim to collect many weapons

You cannot survive in the game if you are not armed. You, as a character, are given five slots for the items you collect while playing. Stay updated since there may be new weapons brought into the game. Get the latest gun since a gun is more effective. Be quick to pick up an item that a player drops if you really need it. 

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