My Favorite Basketball Team

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Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite basketball team. My favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors because, they are really fun to watch, my favorite player is on the team, and also they are pretty good team.

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“My Favorite Basketball Team”

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First off the reason they are so much fun to watch is because Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson are on the same team which makes it really fun to see them having a good game. Another reason is because all the players on the team are so unselfish they always are sharing the ball. Also, watching them warm up is pretty fun because they do some pretty cool things in there warmups.

Secondly, my favorite player is on the team which is Stephen Curry. The reason is he is my favorite player is because he is so much fun to watch. The reason he is fun to watch is because he can shoot almost anywhere and make it. He is also the best three point shooter of all time. Also once he’s having a good game there is no stopping him. Also that he is such an unselfish player and passes the ball to anyone. Also I love how religious he is in games and not in games also his family is super cute!

Lastly, granted that they only have six championships they are on their way to get more championship they have won ?? championships in the last four years. They also had a record of 73-9 on the regular season in 2017 which is crazy! Last year they didn’t have as many wins but they still swept the Cavaliers in the Finals. This year they are off to a rocky start of 20-10 which isn’t too bad but isn’t the greatest. I think this years Final are going to be good and tough for Golden State but hopefully they can win again.

To conclude, that is why they are my favorite team. I would love to go to one of there games someday. Also maybe go to California and see Oracle Arena. Also would be fun to meet Stephen Curry or to just watch him! I can’t wait to watch them on T.V all break and finally get to watch the whole game because usually there games start really late at like 9:30 so I don’t get to watch much of the games. Maybe if you watch one of there games you will like them as much as I do.

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