Greatest Fear in Life is Losing my Family

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I’m sure we all have had to face fear once in our life. Let’s just say we could probably agree that for the most of us thinking of losing a love one, like a family member, a close friend and, especially one or both of our parents is a scariest thought or moment of my life. To me losing my dad has been the most fearful and scariest day of my life. Well, I could start by saying hi, my name is Leticia and I’m now 28 years old. The moment I dreaded happened when my father passed away with brain damage when I was 14 years old. February 9, 2003, is the day I will never forget the day everything started, the day before my dad past away. That day my dad got up from bed sick, he had a high fever, liver pain and, to compound things he was diabetic. I remember, my mom begging him to go to the hospital but, he was so afraid of hospitals and needles that he didn’t want to go. I also remember over hearing my mother telling my uncles and aunts that she saw him on his knees begging God to cure him or take him but, not to let him suffer any longer. That night, we all went to sleep around 9:00 pm. I was so, worried about my dad that I didn’t want anything to happened to him and not knowing that it was the last time I will see him.

It’s 2:00 am on February 10th 2003, and my mother ran to our room and yelling. She wakes me, my sisters and brother, yelling “your dad doesn’t wake up”. I could see, my mother’s face scared and with tears on her face. My sisters and I ran to their room and there he was laying- down with his eyes open but rolled up, not responding to us, I could only see white on them. I started moving him telling him to wake up to look at me not to leave me but, I had no response back from him. I could hear, my mother calling the ambulance telling them to hurry because he was not responding. Meanwhile I was still trying to wake him up. With tears on my face and my heart beating fast and hard I was just afraid that the moment I feared is now happening.

Finally, the paramedics got to my house and they told us to go to our room. They brought him back to life but, on their way to the hospital he was gone again. My mother told us that when they got to the hospital they right away connected him to some machined and he was breathing thru them. Well, that only last it for a couple of hours by around 3:00 pm on February 10, 2003 he was disconnected from the machine and he was gone. The doctor told my mom he had a Brain damage that he was not going to wake up again. I remember how my heart started beating so fast when I heard my mother telling my uncles and aunts that my dad died. I felt like the world just fell on top of me and there at that moment I was the most fearful time of my life. February 9 and 10 of 2003 those two days I will never forget, I could remember everything that happened those two days. After, the paramedics left my house with my father I didn’t get to see him until February 15, 2003 when he arrived at Mexico, where he was buried. I think we all fear of losing one of our parents or any love one. To me, the day my father died has been the most fearful day of my life. I could just say, don’t take anyone for granted, especially your parents because it’s the hardest moment someone could go through and, the saddest thing is we cannot take time back. All I could say, is God decide to take him and not let him suffer no more. 

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