Main Causes of World War 2

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“Incoming Artillery!” Many soldiers screamed during World War 2. Many people say that this war was one of the worst ones yet. This research paper mainly focuses on how the war started, and everything leading up to how it ended. A lot of small factors are what caused World War 2. The first factor is when the Great Depression started to spread throughout Germany in the early 1930s. Germany’s government was weak. One man thrived in this economic crisis. His name was Adolf Hitler. He just got out of a serious injury from his defeat in World War 1.

He joined a small party called Germans Workers Party which later that year was named Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. He realized that the government was getting weaker everyday and that if he ran for president, there would little competition because of the Great Depression. The presidency was within his grasp. By this time, Hitler developed an idea in his head that will stick with him till the end. That all Jews should be eliminated and that everyone besides Germans are corrupted and need to be eliminated. Also, Hitler signed a nonaggression pact with two countries for a cease fire. This pact was a way that Hitler can invade Poland without resistance. With Hitler’s army in Poland, this starts the beginning of World War 2.

The war started on Sept. 1, 1939. With Germany already in Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany on Sept.3. Ireland decided to not join the war. The battle in Poland was very short, for Germans blitzkrieg and lighting war. This a new technique Germany introduced such as mechanical air warfare. Which will crush Poland's defenses and Poland is going to be his when his Soviet forces entered on Sept. 17. With Poland conquered by the Germans, Hitler set his eyes on Denmark and Norway to gain more territory. Denmark feared Germany and offered no resistance. Also Norway was conquered on June 9th. This marked the beginning of the Axis Powers which includes Germany, Italy and Japan. Also the Allied Powers which include Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and The United States of America joining later on the war. While this was happening, Germany was receiving its first setback of the Battle of Britain, which was also fought only in the air. By this time Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria joined the Axis Powers late in 1940, but another country Yugoslavia denied Germany request to join the Axis Powers. So Germany launched an attack on Yugoslavia on Apr. 6, 1941. After the attack, Germany invaded Russia but their harsh winters halted the Sweep and Moscow successfully defended off Germany.

On December 7th, 1941, America decided to join World War 2 after Japan bombed an American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Their first act in World War 2 was to occupy Greenland and later occupy Iceland to defend the Allied Powers from getting attacked from the sea via Germany's submarines attacks. The first Allied Powers attack together was disastrous. Japan quickly conquered the Philippines, Malaya, Burma, Netherlands East Indies, and may Pacific Islands. While destroying an Allied fleet in the Java Sea. The turning point of the war was the darkest point of the war. It was especially dark for the Allied Powers. They were constantly being attacked by Germans Submarines and fleets were being destroyed. By the beginning of 1944 air warfare had became favored to the Allies, thanks for the USA. At the time, USA had the strongest USA in the world. No one could have tussled with their airforce. Their air force destroyed many German cities and had heavy fighting in Normandy. The Germans used V1 and V2 rockets that proved useful. The Axis Powers started to collapse for Germany came after the meeting on Apr. 25 and after Hitler’s death. 

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