Blood Group Diet Losing Weight Thanks to an Individualized Nutritional Plan

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Reducing one's own weight requires a lot of discipline. And not every diet is really helpful. Today in check: the blood group diet!

Blood group diet: the principle

People tolerate food differently - depending on which blood type they belong to. The reason lies for Peter d'Adamo, doctor, in food proteins, so-called lectins, which react with the blood. Some foods damage the body by clumping up blood cells. Metabolic disorders, such as a disturbed digestive process, a slowed food metabolism, hormone or thyroid problems are the result. In the long run, chronic diseases and health problems such as obesity will result. So if patients do without foods that are not compatible with their blood type, they can cure and lose weight. For the individual blood groups - according to d'Adamo on the staggered emergence of blood groups in evolution - the following foods are recommended:

Blood group 0: The blood group 0 was created 40 000 years ago, when humans hunted as a hunter-gatherer mainly of protein (in meat), fruits and vegetables. That is why d'Adamo advises the people of this blood group above all on animal foodstuffs, with the exception of dairy products. Also some cereals and legumes, z. As beans and lentils, are unsuitable for metabolism. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are well tolerated


Blood group A: The hunters and gatherers were followed by the farmers and ranchers, whose blood group was said to be A. They could digest vegetables and cereals well, but meat only badly. Therefore, this group should pay attention to a vegetarian diet and eat a lot of grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits.

Blood group B: According to d'Adamo blood group B comes from the Mongolian tribes in the steppes of Eurasia. They kept animals and not only consumed meat, but also their milk products. People of blood type B are therefore "omnivores" and tolerate all animal (especially wild, mutton, lamb and deep-sea fish such as cod and salmon, rye and wheat), except for pork and chicken.

AB blood type: What happens when Mongolian tribes mix with farmers? Blood type AB natural. People with this blood type should primarily use vegetarian food to lose weight. From time to time, meat and dairy products are also allowed.

Blood type diet: practicability

Not so easy: In some cases, exotic foods such as yam or okra are on the shopping list, which are not easily available in every city. The preparation may also be quite expensive. It becomes difficult especially if your family members have different blood types - then different dishes have to be on the table.

Blood group diet: total judgment

The positive about the blood group diet is summarized quickly: After all, it also takes into account exercise during weight loss. But then follows the big "but": "The clumping of lectins in the blood is not documented," says Birgit Weiß-Mumesohn, nutritionist at the IGEL (Institute for Health Promotion, Nutrition and Healthy Living) - the diet has no scientific basis. The recipes contain far too many calories in the form of protein and fat, but too little carbohydrates, and certainly will not melt any pounds permanently. Here the cat is sold in a sack - in the long term you can only advise against this nutritional concept.

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