Why did the World Plunged into WW2 in 1939?

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World War Two started when Hitler claimed a defensive move by invading Poland.

When that happened, France and Britain disagreed with Germany invading so they declared war on Germany. World War II was the bloodiest war in human history,with over 60 million people killed. The United States have had Japan as the strongest ally during the war. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, in December 1941, The United States declared war on Japan with the help of Britain.

On September 1,1939, Hitler attacked Poland with the help of the Soviet Union which helped him divide Britain and France who had a treaty for military support if ever attacked by Germany. After German forces invaded Paris on June 14,1940, armistice was requested two days later by the government formed by Marshal Philippe Petain .By mid -July due to superior air technology the Germans were about to get within 200 miles of Moscow. By October disagreements between German commanders and harsh winters delayed advanced.

Bombing of Pearl Harbor took place on December 7,1941. Three hundred and sixty Japanese aircraft attacked the major us naval base in Hawaii. The ships that were destroyed were the USS Arizona, USS california,USS Downes destroyer,USS Utah, USS Shaw,and the USS Oklahoma claiming the lives of more than 2,300 troops. This served the unified opinion to join allied forces and to enter World War II. On December 8,1941 the United States congress declared war on Japan.

World War II ended in the time span of just one month, by the end of April in 1945. When the Soviet troops defeated Vienna they soon went to Berlin to take out the Italian guerrilla fighters who had recently killed the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Soon after German troops fell in defeat in Italy. Over 32,000 survivors were rescued by U.S. forces from Dachau concentration camps. Later news was found that Adolf Hitler commited suicide in his underground bunker. On May 8th at 3am news was out that the war was finally over.

My personal connection is that my great grandfather fought in world war II.

HIs name is Clyde Nunley he enlisted on october 6, 1942. His enlisted state was ohio he was a private in the army and his statistics were, He was 5,5 and weighed 138 lbs. He was 20 years old when he went in. He is still alive today and is 96 years old, and lives in kentucky where he still performs as a gospel singer in area churches.Because of his service to our country as other veterans that served along with him gives us all the freedom to live in the greatest country. 

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