Women in World i and World War II 

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From World War I to World War II women had a drastic change from only being able to work in the household to taking the jobs of the men who left for the war. The women had many different responsibilities from working in the house to participating in war efforts. Women gave many efforts at the time of the war. They were devoted mothers, sisters, daughters and wives all while working. They did not only give their time but grieved the loss of their own family and a few even lost their own lives.

World War I was new to everyone. The men were gone, which forced the women to step up and take the jobs they had left behind. “Weapons were in such high demand due to the war which caused the women to have to make the weapons, this was generally seen as unladylike because they were made in factories however because there were so many jobs left vacant by the men the women could work in factories.” (GreenNet). “Women began to work in places that were only for men such as a police station, as a firefighter, bank teller, and even railway guards. (GreenNet).

“Women received wages 54% lower which worried the men that the employer would employ women even when the war was over, however this did not happen, the women would either be forced to leave to make room for the soldiers coming home or they would work with the men but for less money.” (GreenNet). “When the great shortage of man-power occurred, she discovered that woman power worked just as well!” (Old Magazine). After the war, the women were forced to go back to being in the household, so the men could have their jobs when they returned home from the war. “When a soldier was reinstated in his former capacity the fair employer transferred the girl who had made good during the war to another post.” (Harting). “Because the women were so involved in World War I they were soon able to vote.” (Wood).

World War II was slightly different because the men and women knew what would happen due to the experience from the first World War. Women had proved themselves in World War I because they had shown the men that they were capable of doing more than just household chores and that they could indeed have a job. Like the first World War, many women started working to replace the men who were fighting in the war. However, during World War II, many women were on the battlefield alongside the men. “Motivated by a combination of patriotism, idealism, and the urge for adventure, Anne Bosanko decided to enter the service at a time when the war news from both the European and Pacific fronts was bad from the Allied viewpoint.” (Bosanko Green).

“Nearly 350,000 women served in uniform, both at home and abroad.” (History at a Glance). “Instead of frying eggs they cut heavy metal sheets with hissing blue flames of acetylene.” (Kirkpatrick). “Women in uniform took office and clerical jobs so the men would be able to fight. They also took other jobs such as driving trucks, repairing airplanes, rigging parachutes, operating radios, piloting aircraft across the country, and test flew newly repaired airplanes.” (History at a Glance). “She recalls her own experience first as a riveter at Douglas Aircraft then as a tracker in a plate shop in the Richmond Shipyard.” (Branan). “When the war ended majority of women surveyed reported that they wanted to keep their jobs.” (History at a Glance).

In conclusion, the women from WWI and WWII proved that they can do a man’s job just as effectively as men. It impacted America’s society at the start of World War I. The women did not do anything that the men did, instead they took care of the household. Another way it impacted society was because women were able to be in combat for World War II. These wars changed women’s lives forever and eventually made them equal to men.  

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