Increase in Drug Addicts in Russia

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Russia’s average life expectancy rate has severely decreased over time. Accordingly, the mortality rate of the country and other areas surrounding it has increased greatly, which is a fact that is being recognized around the world. Experts who are studying Russia’s alcohol and drug abuse issues have concluded that both addictions have played a major role in their declining health. In addition, their reasoning is due to the increase in related deaths having to do with binge drinking, drugs, or simply consuming them once. Death or severe injury from cardiovascular issues increase significantly on the weekends where excessive drinking is most likely to occur. Hearts and other organs tend to appear different in those who binge drink and consume drugs compared to those who don’t consume at all. Alcohol consumption is allowed and even encouraged in most places because of the significant revenue it brings to the country.

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“Increase in Drug Addicts in Russia”

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Vodka is a large part of their culture and the area’s income. Moreover, there is also evidence and studies to show that alcohol and drug abuse can reduce or mask political disagreement. Likewise, this may also contribute to their leniency in solving the abuse. The country has shown their part in creating and contributing to the issue, whether they want to recognize it or not. They have a substantial role in resolving the problems as well. Cutting the taxes and funding for alcohol and tobacco is a step that the government could easily take to lessen excessive use or dependency. Russia’s government has a major issue with encouraging the consumption of alcohol, which doesn’t help to cease anything in the long run. Abusers of both drugs and alcohol can also develop issues with shame and guilt, leading to depression or other mental illnesses.

Manipulation and mind control are easier to inflict on those who consume. Some of the more serious abusers of alcohol do not live long enough to even suffer from liver cirrhosis. Abusers of both are not considered patients or like sick people in Russia. Hence, they are looked at like criminals. This has to do with the fact that the experts on both of the addictions claim that Russia is number one in denying scientific studies. Furthermore, there is also a widespread HIV and AIDS epidemic in Moscow, Russia. In addition, the main citizens that suffer from this disease are drug injector addicts. Without excessive alcohol and drug abuse, the country would have overall healthier and more intelligent citizens. For instance, there would be less of the issues contributing to the deaths and injuries. Finally, there would be a major attitude shift and a major decline in the negative statistics surrounding health.

Initially, in 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev started a nationwide anti-alcohol campaign that had an extremely positive impact on the issue at hand. Sales of alcohol and the amount of consumption quickly decreased. However, the campaign’s success almost immediately fell through afterward. By the 1990’s, the total amount of alcohol consumed by the Russians significantly increased. Both of the wars were believed to have contributed to the abuse of many citizens shortly after. Vodka is a large part of Russian culture, so it has to contribute to the fact of why a lot of visitors and citizens alike justify the behaviors. Justification tends to stem greatly from the government of Russia as well. For instance, the government charges a significant amount of duties or taxes that citizens are required to pay when purchasing alcohol. Therefore, the citizens of Moscow, Russia are funding the government with every drop of alcohol they consume a day. Many areas in Moscow, Russia and elsewhere encourage binge drinking due to this factor that contributes to the abuse. Consequently, many experts and others condemn the Russian government on their contribution to the abuse.

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