Drug Abuse in USA

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One dose. That's all it takes to cast you down a spiral of uncontrollable addiction. Imagine a person starts taking drugs; for instance, Opioid painkillers. At first that person takes them for the simple task of easing pain, but after awhile they keep taking more and more then they realize they can't stop. This is what you call drug abuse. Drug abuse can negatively impact communities because it can cause drugged driving, cause crime/violence/overdose and causes the loss of jobs.

Drugged driving is very dangerous. It puts the driver, passengers and also the others that share the road in risk. What makes drugged driving dangerous is how the drug affects the person driving. For instance, marijuana can slow reaction time, lessen judgment of distance and time, and can decrease coordination. A diver that uses cocaine can be aggressive and reckless when driving. Also some other drugs can cause dizziness and drowsiness. All of these impairments can lead to vehicle crashes.

Every time a person uses drugs they have the risk of experiencing negative side effects, such as aggression. If a person becomes more violent from using a drug, they are putting themselves and those around them in great danger. There is a great relation between drug abuse and crime. The drug abusers commit crimes to pay for the drugs they're taking, especially if the drugs are illegal; this inflicts damages to the community. Overdose is a serious side effect of drug abuse. Any drug overdose can be intentional or accidental. An accidental overdose is when a person takes more than what the prescription called for or when a person is taking an illegal drug. An intentional overdose is when a person is trying to commit suicide.

Drug abuse can lower a person's employment, by reducing the productivity or even by decreasing the chance of getting a job in the first place. When a person has been abusing drugs they sometime show the side effects at work which can lead them to be fired. Some of these effects can be loss of productivity, tiredness, and the change of a person's behavior, which can make them more violent.
A single dose, that's all it takes to hurl you into a coil of fractious addiction. Communities are have been negatively impacted by drug abuse because it causes drugged driving, it causes crime/violence/overdose, and causes the loss of jobs. Imagine a person that had the chance to choose between left, which is drug abuse, and right, which is drug free. Which would you pick?

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