Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Drugs and alcohol have been in act since a very long time. They have been portrayed and considered cool. There are many movies, TV shows and videos in which acts like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and doing drugs are put out for millions of audiences including young children, teenagers and adults. This has influenced many young children (12 years and older), teenagers and adults to get high on dangerous drugs and alcohol intake. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH); more than twenty million young adults have consumed drugs. Drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine and alcohol and cigarettes are common in college students and young teenagers. It has affected people in multiple ways.

Young generations have been affected with drug overdose and alcohol abuse. Drugs like marijuana and alcohol are commonly used amongst young adults and teenagers. According to national institute on drug abuse, more than 1000 drug abusers have died due to overdose in 2016. Today, people have easy access to these drugs. Marijuana, also known as weed is common and majority of Americans have consumed the drug. It is commonly found in young teenagers and adults.

Marijuana is consumed more by men than women. It affects the person's memory and thinking capability. According to one of the articles from NBC news, Mary Emily O'Hara mentioned that marijuana is legalized in 8 states and states like Columbia now distributes the drug for medical purposes. Some people might be able to have a control over the intake of such drugs but a lot of young people intake the marijuana drug for pleasure and to get high with their peers. Even though it makes a person feel relaxed and lighter it does have side effects. However, the use of drug marijuana can be reduced if consumers would have enough knowledge about the effects and causes of the same.

Followed by Alcohol, is the most commonly used substance amongst majority of the Americans. It has been the ultimate reasons for health conditions like liver damage, heart damage, cancer and other severe health issues. Besides all the severe health conditions, alcohol is also a reason for traffic accidents. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (www.responsibility.org) the author Maureen Dalbec mentions in her Blog post Drunk Driving Fatalities Decreased In 2017' mentions that more than 37000 people were killed in an accident which included drunk drivers.

However, according to the author there is a decrease in numbers of drink and drive accidents it was a huge number and to avoid that there should be stricter laws towards drunk drivers. In addition, people should be informed and educated about the circumstances and results of a fatal accident that might cause if a person is highly intoxicated with alcohol while driving. Alcoholism is a major struggle and should be in taken in a certain limitations.

Crack cocaine is highly addictive drug. It is in a form of powder substance. However, there is more than 1 method to consume the drug. It can be snorted, smoked and injected. It has numerous amounts of negative effects and number of health issues followed by even death in some cases. Cocaine addict suffers from hearth failure and can cause death. Cocaine intake can also damage the brain cells which disturb the blood cycle which leads to unusual psychotic behavior (https://drugabuse.com), Diedre O'Donnell, M.S., Neuropharmacology. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) teenager of age 12 and above consume the drug cocaine. However, according to Drug Abuse Warning Network there were more than 250,000 Cocaine addicts visited for detox. Moreover, there are websites that provide helplines and there are rehabilitation centers that help to get a drug addict out of the addiction. One of the national helplines is Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) (https://www.samhsa.gov). Cocaine has both long and short term effects while intoxicated and at the time of withdrawal and will lead to many difficulties.


In conclusion, drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and alcohol abuse has been increasing and is commonly used by teenagers, college students and adults. Men are more affected than women. However, there are various sources to help addicts and alcoholics to overcome with their addictions. They all have their own withdrawal methods. However, some methods are intense and extreme. Government should put strict laws against consumers and distributors. Furthermore, rehabilitations and national institutes of drug abuse and health should launch more programs regarding drug use and alcoholism. These procedures might save people from getting into drug consumption in every way and a lot of deaths can be prevented.

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