Leanna’s Experiencing Problems from a Drug Addict Mom

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Leanna is an 11 year old girl who has been referred over to my office for assistance.

The school social worker had advised us that Leanna has and is experiencing problems such as behavioral issues, school truancy, adaption issues, substance abuse use and back ground, and issues of running away.

Leanna’s problems began at an earlier age but were never brought into any professional service. At age 4, Leanna’s parents had separated, in which Leanna and her mother had moved to a different state, which had separated Leanna from her father and also an older brother and sister. In her early childhood she had witnessed domestic abuse, drug and alcohol abuse. And also separation issues from her not seeing her father, brother and sister in which she only speaks to through phone calls.

As Leanna aged she began acting out, this is when she had been referred to me from the school she was attending for her actions.

`Leanna currently lives with her mother who has had a drug abuse background and also domestic violence. Her father, brother and sister live in another state, she has other relatives around her such as aunts, uncles and cousins and her grandmother.

Her mother is concern about her actions in which she is skipping school, coming in after curfew, and staying out at times all night with no contact, mother also is concern on behavioral issues of signs of substance use. She said her daughter is very smart but recently has had some issues with her grades, completing her work and missing school. She also has been experiencing anger problems and detachment issues and refuses to talk about the problem. Her mother shows concern and is also seeking our help and is willing to work with us.

The mother has concerns that maybe her back ground of substance abuse and domestic violence and also being separated from her father and other siblings may have an effect on Leanna and she is acting out because of these issues. Also states that Leanna’s father had a alcohol problem and also used drugs and abused the mother.

Leanna was close to her brother and sister but had a fear when around the father. She has always been quiet at younger years and stayed sheltered in her room and around her brother and sister.

Now that Leanna is a little older she is showing more feelings of anger and detachment, she has become more resistant towards her mother and not doing well in school, she has started hanging with children older then her and shows no cares or concern of her actions and behavior. She struggles to show any emotions and declines to speak about what may have brought her to this point and of her other siblings including her mother and father.

Leanna was temporarily removed from her mother and placed in foster care in which she continues to act out and also attempts to run away. So the school case worker and mother is requesting help from our agency.

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