Drug Addiction is a Major Problem

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Why do people want to get high? Drug addiction is a major problem in many countries for a long time already. There are different factors that lead a person to use drugs. Drugs have been present in all cultures in every epoch. Nowadays, there are more people consuming, the quantity had increase and it is easier to get.

Drug addiction is an disease where a person creates a dependence that affects the Central Nervous System and the brain functions, producing alterations in the behavior, emotion, judgements and perception; this is a problem that is occurring in today's society that is growing every day, growing little by little until it becomes something natural and part of the lifestyle. It is a scourge that increases with the passing of days in the lives of many people who take refuge in this addiction.

The use of drugs corresponds to the desire to flee from the reality that the addict has, for them it is a momentary relief, since in those moments of rest they forget all problems, the individual succumbs to the consumption of drugs due to personal, family, sentimental or socioeconomic conflicts, by stress or by the suffering of psychological illnesses, stress, depression and other which are important factors that lead a person to use drugs. One of the problems is the illegal sale of drugs, which makes easy for anyone to get it.

Drug use has increased in a huge way due to many causes. There is no specific cause why a person begins to use drugs. The risk factors that facilitate consumption are the following: curiosity to experiment; a natural and common characteristic of most adolescents, which must be educated so it becomes a source of maturity and prevents it from concentrating on risk situations. Also peer pressure, in which one of the requirements to be part of a group is to consume drugs and that is why a lot of people get into this problem.

Friendships exert a pressure that facilitates the adoption of certain signs of identity (dress, music, etc.) but that can also lead to the beginning of drug use. The person wants to feel that they are part of a cool group and that they want to prove to the others that they can do whatever they are asked to do. In reality, may just don't know what to do with their life or feel an emptiness so they want to be part of something, and if they don't want to use drugs, they think they may be rejected. Also one of the reasons why people use drugs is for pleasure seeking; The use of drugs has always been linked to the desire to disconnect from the most oppressive demands of reality, in an attempt to fully enjoy leisure time. If in childhood and adolescence other forms of fun are not learned, drugs can take a big place. As well as inconsistent family control when family norms are excessively rigid, relaxed or variable, children and adolescents find it difficult to internalize clear patterns of behavior, so that their socialization outside the family is affected.

Some young people today use drugs when they go out to parties, makes, also smoke marijuana; and sometimes they become habitual consumers. They consume methamphetamine and cocaine quite naturally. They intend to endure whole days of partying without going to bed, they get it thanks to the effects of popper, ecstasy or other drugs. Even minors know how to get drugs and go to parties; and the society in a certain way allows it.

But what we really want to know is; why would a person want to get high? Why when they get to a party, the first thing that comes to mind is to use drugs and not just to find another way of getting fun with their friends or meeting new people? Why do they always take refuge in drugs as if it were their safe harbor? Is it because their daily life is very difficult?. Is it because they do not find another solution, because they believe that this is the only way they have to go in this life?. Is it because they do not realize how bad they can get by using drugs?

A social factor of the use of drugs is that currently, there is more availability of legal and illegal drugs, which makes it easier to get and consume. Family factors are that people that come from smoking, drinking or addicts parents, are more likely to use drugs than people of parents who does no have any kind of addiction.

A family that gives too much permission, where there is no discipline or control, where a person are subject to an authoritarian parents, or are overprotected, can also encourage the use of drugs. Individual factors: personal reasons can also impact in the decision of using drugs. Drugs can be seen as an escape to everyday problems; some people use it to compensate for loneliness, low self-esteem, emotional and psychological problems or stress.

Even though drugs have always existed and will continue to exist, and this has become a social problem that is increasing as more and more people consume some type of drug, in greater quantities and at younger ages. There is a greater variety and greater ease to access them. Therefore we can say that each person will have their justification to consume, and the reason why they want to get high, this varies from person to person.

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