Drug Abuse and Overdosing is a Grave Issue

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How can we overcome this problem of drug abuse and overdosing deaths? Drug addiction is like a chronic disease that need time to heal. People just cannot be cured by stop using drugs for a few days. They need a long-term rehabilitation in order to stop using drugs completely and recuperate their lives. Sometimes they need and repeat care. Prime intervention should be to decrease the number of people abusing drugs and to occupy the ones involved in abusing drugs in dedicated treatment plans. (Hawk, Vaca, D’Onofrio, 2015). People with substance abuse can recover easily but need dedication, strong will, and hard work.

They should first seek help from family and friends because they will provide social support. There are many other options available to help with depression and to control the addiction if a person willing to seek help. There are many recovery centers available to help the drug abusers recover from drug addictions. There should be control over what prescriptions to be given to patients by providers and for how long if those prescriptions are for chronic use. Education should be provided on a community level to all public about drug abuse and overdosing on a regular basis so people are more educated and aware of drug abuse and its negative effects, there should be set medicinal plans for the treatment of chronic pain. (Lloyd, 2016).

Drug abuse and overdosing is a grave issue that must be addressed. Community should be educated on the negative effects of narcotic drugs on the body and mind including intellectual, social, psychosocial, and physical impacts. Primary care providers should be careful when and how much of narcotics should be prescribed, what population should be given prescribed medications for example, cancer patients have the reason to get prescribed medications since they are in lot of pain all the time, or patients on hospice. To avert any unintentional overdoses of medications, in kids or infants’ medications should be kept at safe and secure place at home.

Primary care providers should also be very careful when prescribing medications to younger generation keeping in mind, they can misuse the drugs. People addicted to drugs should seek help from friends and family. They should seek help from treatment centers. Elderly should be educated on names of medications, what do they look like and how to take them since most of the times elderly do not know the names of medication and often mix them with other medications causing overdosing and death. Education and prevention are the key necessary to help the community on drug abuse awareness. If the community is educated people will not abuse drugs and or die of overdosing. There should also be strict laws and regulations and punishment for people abusing drugs because it is not only harmful and risky for them but for other people as well as they can drive under the influence of narcotics and have an accident killing themselves and other people.

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