Drug Abuse and Addition

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Drug Abuse And Addition

The American society has reached a point where according to the National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, over 28 million American citizens over the age of 12 suffer from a disease related to a different drug addiction. Addictions are some of the most challenging issues in the twentieth first century. Our modern society still perceives the ongoing addictions as stigmas and sees the diseased people as being immoral, weak, deceptive and having failed at following any high values. However, stigmatizing this worldwide issue creates a barrier for those who are willing to ask for help and get a proper treatment. The negative perceptions that the majority of the population religiously follows are some of the main reasons which continuously affect the biopsychosocial model of addiction.

Suffering from an addiction has been defined as a medical disease, however, in people’s mind it still falls under the negative types of worthless acts of humanity. A simple reaction of the human brain is to easily judge certain addictions without trying to seek what the actual root of the issue might be. Our society acts lightning fast when it comes to hate the diseased and absolutely despise their behavior. If we think about it more carefully, we have all faced addiction at some point of our lives- food, alcohol, drugs, a person, a song, a place or even a memory? Addiction could be found in many different shapes and sizes, substantial or triggered only by our minds. And society creates an enormous impact on the amount of public support as well as the lack of such.

Our world is now facing two opposite positions - those supporting the addicts and others who choose to despise an belittle them. It is most certainly always be that way. The fact that we are all different in our beliefs and we are raised with different values is enough by itself to prove that there will always be an ongoing argument about whether or not addictions are socially accepted. Depending on the culture, background, family history and many other factors affecting our perceptions, the controversy will most probably keep its existence for many more decades. The ambivalence that exists among our society could be proved by the rising number of rehabilitation clinics throughout the world while at the same time many patients feel highly discriminated after they speak up about their addiction.

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