Drug Abuse is a very Serious Issue Throughout the World

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It is very common in the general public that most people are reluctant to get involved in social projects. A few examples of those projects are community improvement programs, social movements in regards to a number of different situations, and more. I believe for the most part people are afraid to voice their opinions just to have them rebuked by the rest of their community or the general public. Not all people are going to have the same or even remotely similar views on certain topics. So for example, most people will shy away from participating in political campaigns mainly due to the fact that politics is such a wide open spectrum in terms of differing opinions and stances. When it comes to social movements, the issue is almost the same but not quite in comparison to people’s involvement in political campaigns. To begin a social movement, people need a big enough support group to even get it running and noticeable. Sustaining the support and maintaining the movement itself is a whole other issue that I think people are worried will be the most difficult and stressful part of it all. I believe people need to feel very strong about in issue in order to be involved in it. Most people just aren’t passionate enough about a social enough to put their time and hard work into. In my opinion, people just need to realize that with just some passion and determination any social movement can be started and maintained for a very long time.

Drug use and or abuse are serious issues that need more attention. At times it's as if communities are far more worried about the distributors of drugs rather than the abusers, who need the attention the most. In order to show the importance of drug reform, certain actions and plans should be made and addressed to fix the issue. Funds should be made available for a drug for program, whether it is for the youth or older users of drugs. Classes or seminars should be provided as well, as most of the time people begin using hard drugs without knowing the effects that can be made that will eventually harm their bodies and psyche. The people closest to the drug users should be encouraged to be more involved as well, not only as a source of help for their own people, but also to set an example for outsiders who may know of someone who is using drugs.

Currently, drug abuse is a very serious issue throughout the world. In many countries around the world the circumstances are simply disastrous, as people die from drug abuse, from a different variety of drugs, and mind-altering substances on a regular basis. Drug addiction is due to the fact that economic and geographical situations play into whether or not a person will eventually fall into a life of drug abuse. A few examples of consequences of poor social conditions include unemployment and daily stress. All of this gives people a real reason to run away from their real issues in reality and instead go into the world of drugs in order to be in a different “world” with the help of drug use. Drug use puts ones human health at a very high risk. According to the WHO classification, the list of drugs includes: alcohol, opiates, cannabis, sedatives, cocaine, stimulants (including caffeine), hallucinogens, tobacco, and light substances (World Health Organization).

The key problem of drugs is that they cause drug addiction which is a disease that makes a mental and physical well-being and mood entirely dependent on that specific drug being in his or her body. Mental dependence is displayed by the fact that a drug addict believes if he or she does not have whatever particular drug in their body, then they will not be able to function properly. The need of a drug becomes damaging when it confines a person of their real self; damages relationships within the user’s family or friends; sparks up issues between the user and the society they live in; causes psychological damage to the point where the user can’t function without a dose of their preferred drug. Drugs are a major issue within any type communities, whether it is a smaller city or a very populated city. It is definitely time to take all this information into account and start a movement in order to diminish all the issues that come with existence of drugs, but most importantly the problems that come up when someone uses drugs. 

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