How to Prevent Abortion

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What is an abortion? Abortion is the termination of an unborn baby or fetus during pregnancy. Since the 1820’s abortions have been used to stop pregnancies from occurring, and it has worked for a long time. But recent studies have been conducted and they could change the way people think about abortion. it also raises the question, should abortions still be considered legal? Since the beginning, abortion has always been a controversial topic. to some abortion is the killing of precious lives and to others, women should have a right to choose. women have made long strides with rights from voting to owning property and now even having the right to chose if they want to end there own developing babies life. but being able to end the life of a baby, should have stayed off that list. today more than 600,000 abortions are performed every year and this results in so many lives lost. To put it simply, abortions are murder.

The killing of innocent human beings that can't even defend themselves is cruel and inhumane. Unborn babies or fetuses are still considered human to the governmant. All humans have a right to live even if they are still a fetus. Fetuses feel pain during abortions. In a study conducted by the US national library of medicine, it was shown that nerves in the spine develop at weeks 5-13 and all nerves are fully developed by weeks 15-20. knowing this information it is beyond belief that abortions are still conducted even if pain can be experienced from the fetuses. to have to power to end a living beings life and have them experience all the pain of dying is horrible and is totally inhumane.

Terrible ways to terminate the baby. according to planned parenthood, a non-profit organization that provides abortions, the most common methods used from weeks 5-20 include taking a tube with a small surgical knife to decapitate the fetus than to use the tube to suck out the fetus tearing it up limb by limb with a force 10 times the power of a household vacuum. after this horrible process, the fetus remains are either trashed or cremated. The other small percentage of abortions which occurs after 20 weeks includes using weak anesthesia and then using a similar technice so suck the fetus out tearing off its limbs and ripping it into pieces. using these horrible methods to remove the fetus should not be allowed to continue. Common excuses for abortions are that there are rape victims and there are mental disorders but in recent studies conducted by Thriving Values, it has been shown that only 1 percent of abortions are done due to rape and 0.75 percent are due to mental disorders. When in fact, over 50 percent is from women 24 years or younger that either cannot care for the child or do not wish to take care of the child.

The other 50 percent is from women either not ready to have a child or are not able to care for the child. knowing this information it really shows that there needs to be an alternate solution than the ending of the babies lives. A common solution to this problem is getting adoption. many people do not know it but there is the simple solution of getting an adoption. using this could help prevent hundreds of thousands of lives lost each year. many people are hesitant to get an adoption due to various factors, but putting a child up for adoption is a much better option than having the child's life end. Overall, abortions are a method to eliminate a fetus from being born but this method should be ended for the better solution of adoption. it prevents lives from being lost and can help people become potential mothers and fathers. The inhumane practice of abortion needs to end and soon before more lives are lost and possible futures ended.

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