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Today, American citizens have been endowed the right of opinion and freedom of choice but with that independence come mistakes and tragedies. Abortion has been a debated topic since the 1900s and still to this day, has been a large dispute. Abortion has been a very recent topic today in New York. On January 22 of this year, New York passed an abortion-expansion bill to “grant” women and doctors the right to freely abort a child without being charged with murder. This happened on the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade case which was to legalize abortion. In 2017, nearly 882,000 abortions took place in the U.S. (U.S. Abortion Statistics). The Americans who choose for their child to be aborted are taking the freedom of the human baby away from them without a choice. Abortion is a choice, not an accident. While some may argue that life is defined after birth, science amongst other things proves that the fetus are alive from the moment of conception. The Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade.

Technological advancements have the capability of showing how the fetus can be detected in earlier stages of the pregnancy. There are many advances in technology which proves the living fetus. The ultrasound is a great example of this. Christina Caron from the New York Times states, “A fetal heartbeat can be observed by ultrasound as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, a time during which most women are unaware they are pregnant.” This explains how before the mom is even aware of the fetus, the heartbeat can be heard which is the largest human sign of life. Maureen Condic of the Charlotte Lozier Institute explains how the formation of a fetu is based off two criteria: the molecular composition and how the cell behaves. This fact is not relying on opinion or religious beliefs, it is proven science of how a new life is recognized by the structure of the fetus and how it is growing inside the womb.

Through scientific research and testing the development and features of a fetus are seen almost instantly in a pregnancy. Moving from the fertilisation of an egg to establishing a special baby, the entire genetic code of a human being is created once the egg is fertilised (BBC). “The unborn has a human genetic signature. She is also the offspring of human parents, and humans can only beget other humans” (Stark). Every person on this earth has been made differently, but one thing that never changes is how everybody has a human genetic signature and code making it plainly obvious how to tell if something (fetus) is alive and human. The fetus deserves the same exact rights as women do. Pro-abortionists only consider the wellness and opinion of the woman instead of what should be the case, making the fetus equal with rights with the same amount of care.

Because it has been proven that life begins at conception, abortion is no less than murder. In the state of Ohio, explains the National Conference of State Legislatures, all the following charges apply to fetuses and anyone who is carried in the womb by another: aggravated murder, murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, aggravated vehicular homicide, and more (National Conference of State Legislatures). Today, there are 38 states that have fetal homicide laws. These charges show how abortion is considered an act of murder in several different ways and in many states. 38 out of the 50 states already have fetal homicide laws which is well over half of the United States. There is no doubt about the fact that it’s murder. There is a man named Kansan Scott Bollig who slipped an abortion-inducing drug into his pregnant girlfriend’s food and received a first-degree murder charge. Why does society believe if a man slips an abortion pill into his girlfriend’s food intentionally, he is guilty of murder but if a mom deliberately aborts the fetus, she is innocent? What needs to be seen here is either way, abortion is murder no matter what the circumstances are.

Pro-abortionists argue that women deserve to make their own choices because they obtain their own independent rights. Yes, women have rights and can decide what to do with their lives, but it is unacceptable and wrong to take away a living baby and call it “solely a procedure” instead of what it actually is. Murder of a living fetus. At six weeks into a pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat can be heard. There is nothing more needed to prove that indeed this baby is alive and growing. The heartbeat bill was intended to penalize doctors and parents for having an abortion when the heartbeat is detected. Representative Christina Hagan says, “We did not have the strength in the majority to overcome that veto...We do now.” Ms. Hagan, being a representative is very aware of this problem which means that the government are all aware of it too. The heartbeat bill fell short of votes to pass this bill, but are determined that by next year it will become a law. Join them and vote to save lives.

Abortion percentages are increasing right now at this instant without being recognized and stopped. The “All American Life League” reports that there are 2,899 abortions a day and 1 abortion every 30 seconds in the United States. It is absolutely mind-blowing and incredibly sickening to realize that this is how fast a murder occurs without being seen or heard about. The reasons why these women decide to kill a human doesn’t justify the murder that they are committing. Women who choose to abort can be from any and all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The fact of the matter is that it’s of no importance what background they have and it doesn’t make abortion any different.

There are unlimited options of how to avoid abortion. It’s chosen and not forced upon. Adoption, foster care, safety, and many more are ways to ensure that the child has a better chance of growing up in a safer environment let alone having a life. This problem has to be faced because today, it is used as an excuse and an easy way out of things. Whether because of low income, lack of a father figure, or an entire life ahead of them, life will never be easy, so learning how to deal with keeping a child and going against abortion might be hard for some, but it is saving the precious life of a fetus who deserves every right to live. Not only is abortion killing a human, it is also hurting the woman’s body. Abortion is not a natural process and isn’t a part of women’s physical nature so to choose that option, their lives are in danger too. “The World Health Organisation estimates that approximately one-third of maternal deaths are due to complications arising from illegally induced abortions” (“Safety of Women”). There is no guarantee that the mom will survive this horrible procedure which is more than enough of a reason not to do it.

Each and every person has been placed on this earth for a reason. Fetuses won’t get to experience their purpose on earth if women decide to take it from them. There is every bit of science and now technological advances that have proven and shown life inside of the womb so proceeding for an abortion is strictly a choice. “I should have known better. Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact” (Fish). Fight against abortion to prevent losing another innocent life. 

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