An Understanding of the Pro-Choice of Abortion

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Abortion: the pros and cons, people's beliefs, pro-choice and pro-life decisions Pro-choice people argue that women have a fundamental right to terminate their unwanted pregnancies, and most pro-life people believe that the fetus is a human being and to have an abortion is murder. At the moment, there are no laws in Connecticut that ban abortion. There is no age limit and no waiting period. It is legal in Connecticut to have an abortion. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that having an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy is a constitutional right. There are two positions on the issue.

Pro-choice and pro-life. The question is not whether you are for or against it; it is whether or not a fetus is or is not a human being at the time of conception. Many pro-life advocates say that the answer is conception. The moment when a man's sperm and a woman's egg are joined. "At that moment, the fetus is formed as a unique person that is allowed to develop freely and would grow to function independently." So abortion is wrong. Many pro-choice proponents argue that human life begins at viability, the moment when a fetus can survive outside the mother's womb. That is why they believe abortion is an okay decision to make.

Pro-life advocates believe that a baby's life begins at conception. They state, "That right to be alive overrides the mother's right to make decisions about her body since her decisions to abort affect the life of another human being, the unborn baby." To them, abortion is "murder." They say, "It's not a choice; it's a child." Pro-life advocates say "that there are other options other than abortions, such as adoption or family parenting." "To kill an innocent baby is just not right."

Pro-choice advocates believe that every woman has the right to terminate her unwanted pregnancies. They believe that "every woman has a basic right to make decisions that affect her body without interference from the government." They think that human life begins when the fetus is able to live outside the mother's womb. In that case, life begins when the lungs, kidneys, and other critical organs are developed. In Roe v. Wade, they argue that the state can prohibit abortion only after fetal viability. Pro-choice strongly supports that. This is what I believe is in the best interest of women. I have to add that I am pro-choice, but only in certain cases. If a woman uses abortion as a form of birth control, then I do not agree. For a woman who has been raped and is in danger of death if she has the baby or if insemination is involved, this is the only time that I agree with abortion. I do not think that they should ban abortion; I think that they should put restrictions on it. If someone comes in to get an abortion just because they don't want the baby, then that is murder. If they have a very reasonable reason, then I believe it is right.

If I were to have to do something about the issue, I would write letters to the state and tell them how I feel. I would put a story in the newspaper, letting people know my opinion. I may even go to an abortion clinic and observe the picketers, hear their opinions, and be open-minded toward them.

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