Discussion on Abortion and Pro-Choice this Procedure

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Abortion is "an operation or other procedure to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is viable." (The English Dictionary) There are many different arguments for and against Abortion, although there are three main groups. There are those who believe Abortion should be available on request (pro-choice), those who believe Abortion is acceptable under some circumstances (pro-life), and those who believe that Abortion is not acceptable.

Pro-abortionists would argue that it's a woman's right. She can do with her body as she wants. And since a fetus is not yet human, according to most supporters of Abortion, its removal is simply taking something out of a woman's body that she no longer wants.

"Some argue that the mother has the right to dispose of her body as she wills, and the fetus is regarded as being merely a "tenant" or even an "aggressor" in her body. The woman is entitled to expel the fetus in defense of her own body." (Queensland Bioethics Centre) They also feel that every child has the right to be wanted and that Abortion saves thousands of children from being unwanted, saving society from many problems.

"Humanists regard Abortion as better than bringing unwanted babies into the world. (Humanist Dipper.) Some feel that it would be more traumatic to give up a baby for adoption than to have an abortion. They also feel that every child has the right to be wanted and that Abortion saves thousands of children from being unwanted, saving society from many problems.

"Women must have control over their own lives. For this, we must have control over our own bodies.

... Abortion must become freely available to all women who want it. We must be able to have children when we want them, and children have the right to be wanted." (Women's Abortion and Contraception Campaign Manifesto.) Pro-abortionists who believe Abortion is right under some circumstances would argue that if the parents of the unborn baby knew that this child would be severely handicapped (either physically or mentally), then they should be allowed to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

"It is expensive to look after mentally and physically handicapped children. So it is sensible to abort such children before they are born." (GCSE Religious Studies website) They may already have children and feel that this one would take up too much of their attention, and the others would not receive the attention they need.

"A woman who already has one or more children should not be forced to have another child just because she becomes pregnant. An extra child in the family might cause her to have a mental breakdown. An extra child might also cause her to neglect her other children." (GCSE Religious Studies website) They also believe that if the pregnancy is the result of a rape, then Abortion is the lesser of two evils, and if the mother's life is at risk, then Abortion should be permitted.

"It is argued that in these tragic cases, the great value of the mental health of a woman who becomes pregnant as a result of rape or incest can be best safeguarded by abortion." (Christian answers.net) These are only a few of the arguments for Abortion; there are many more.

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