The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Essay

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Has anyone ever said anything that you wondered if true or not? What if someone told you they were going to rule the world. People will do anything to take control. Everyone wants power and authority over people. There are some groups that are formed just for power. The illuminati is an organization of celebrities that are trying to rule the world.

The illuminati consist of plenty of things and ideas. The illuminati is known to be a organization who wants to take over and end the world. People also think the illuminati plans to start a new world order with a group of cities, so they will rule and banish nation states. (Martha Gill) The illuminati is claimed to be a made up myth written in fake letters by Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley to make the world less controlling. (Martha Gill.). This didn’t work out because the entire world found out about this and the people involved in the illuminati didn’t deny the rumors. The illuminati supposedly contain celebrities who want power. Their known to be represented by a pyramid. The illuminati was founded in Barvia in the 18th century by Adam Weishaupt. (Who are the illuminati and what do they control?). Dennis, Felix. "Dennis Publishing." The Week US, 3 Sep. 2018. Web. 13 Nov. 2018.

The illuminati was caught and shut down in the 1780’s by the government but people still believe they still secretly exist. The illuminati involves and is represented by a lot of ideas. The illuminati is known to consist of celebrities. They’re supposedly a group of musical artists in the world. These names consist of Beyonce, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Rhianna, Madonna, and other musical artist. In the article "Who are the Illuminati and what do they control", talks about different celebrities and ways they are conflicted with the illuminati." This article also says how Rhianna puts illuminati images in her music videos, and also tells about how she joked about being in the illuminati. The article also says how Madonna apparently stated she "Knows the illuminati" and who’s involved.

Beyonce and Jay Z are like the ring leaders of it all. They can be seen as the lords of the New World Order. Jay Z has been caught putting symbols of the illuminati in his music. One of Jay Z’s music labels "Roc-A Fella Records" has a logo of a pyramid which is the most known symbol of the illuminati. Beyonce is the most attractive of all. They see examples of the illuminati in her dress attire, music, and kids. In one of her songs she says "Ya’ll haters corny with that illuminati mess", referencing herself to the illuminati. People question the naming of Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy. The website "" states "Allegedly the name "Blue Ivy" is code word for Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest." This opens up lots of eyes and makes you question lots of things. It makes you feel there might actually be a illuminati out there somewhere. Celebrities may be a crucial pat of the illuminati and the reason if it still exists.

The pyramid is the most known symbol of the illuminati. It’s a pyramid with a eye in the middle of it. Some call it the Devil’s eye and others call it the Eye of Providence. When thinking of the Eye of Providence you think the eye in the center of the pyramid represents the eye of God and the pyramid represents strength, survival and that the new nation when ever created will survive and last a very long time. ( In a Disney show called Gravity Falls there was a show where the illuminati happened, and the pyramid showed up trying to take over the world and threatened people to death. This shows how the illuminati can be real because most things on TV shows have already or is becoming true. The article "Sweet Symbols: The All seeing Eye" talks about how the pyramid represents a enemy hiding in plain sight and how the people your searching for are right in front of you. This article also names different organizations who symbol favors the illuminati; this list includes the CBS logo, the America Online logo, the Time Warner Cable logo, and the World of Warcraft game. This pyramid can be seen as the illuminati and what creates the illuminati.

The illuminati is a celebrity run society that’s trying to rule the world. This will make you question lots of ideas and people. This is a very wonderous thing for you to believe. It may be true or false it’s just up to you to believe it.

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