Conspiracy Theory “Chemtrails” Summary

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The chemtrails conspiracy theory was first originated when people started noticing the lingering contrails that lasted long enough to make people think that it must contain additional chemicals. this theory suggested that the governments or other parties are engaged in a secret program to spray harmful biological agents at a high altitude for top secret experiments. people who believe that there is something odd about contrails came up with several reasons to explain the purpose behind these lingering chemtrails including chemical release for solar radiation management climate and weather change sterilization reduction of life expectancy linked to human population control also biological and psychological manipulation and chemical warfare.

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“Conspiracy Theory “Chemtrails” Summary”

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Many of the reasons why conspiracy theorists come to believe in these stories was due to the human mind that has this tendency to recognize patterns and to put everything into a sequence and make a meaning out of it even when the puzzle piece does not exist. There is one’s personal need for structure so the abstract human brain starts making false pattern of perceptions to seek underlying explanations to enhance their mindsets. many come up with their own reasons to their problems and have a deep suspicion of the government.

The reasons for the chemtrails is on a rolling discussion between the chemtrail theorists.They suggest that the government is spraying people with harmful chemicals to experiment the effects on the earth’s atmosphere. conspiracy theorists claim that this is done to cause illnesses and other health issues to eliminate out the sick and elderly people ultimately controlling the population. conspiracy theorist believers claim that the chemtrails is in fact a global conspiracy arguing that there are various goals for this conspiracy. examples would include; to make people sick so the drug companies profit by manipulating prices.the conspiracy believers say chemtrails are toxic to life on earth. many chemtrails conspiracy theorists came to this point due to the altering effects it had on their health and crops. one of the conspiracy believers mentioned that they had their soil tested their hair and their dog finding there were toxic metal chemicals such as aluminium barium and manganese that poisoned them.

Conspiracy theorists seen and studied airplanes that show something terrifying and odd about the footage of the airplanes. Some internet users believe that this might be the big proof for the conspiracy for chemtrails. Chemtrail theorists say that generally contrials hold every person under the attack of the fear anxiety sadness and anger about this issue. U.S adults completed a survey in 2016 which was part of the cooperative congressional election study cces showing there was only 10% of people who describe the chemtrails conspiracy true and about 20 to 30% describe it somewhat true. other conspiracy theories suggest the chemtrails are an attempt by the government to control people’s minds. conspiracy believers claim to have conducted their own scientific tests which brings these conspiracy theorists to believe in the odd chemtrails.
Another popular theory is that chemtrails are attempts by the government to combat global warming by spraying chemical particles into the ozone layer into to reflect the sun’s dangerous back into space. they are climate engineering with the atmosphere that is meant to manage solar radiation but also cause adverse harmful effects on the earth’s atmosphere and whatever is living under it. nasa scientists found that between the years 1975 and 1994 there was a dramatic increase in temperature in the United States which would explain why there was an increase in the amount of contrails in the skies that were once blue.

Others speculate that the government is performing high altitude top secret experiments.
There is almost a complete dinnal of the chemtrails among atmospheric scientists, environmental groups and engineers of aircraft mechanics. In 20 years since the conspiracy came into discussion it has been gaining ground but only one peer-reviewed paper is actually published on this topic.
Chemtrail theorists identify persistent contrails that are much more widespread than they once were. This information is explained in the article, “Why do people believe in Chemtrails?” “dramatic increases in air traffic, as well as by changes in the fuel efficiency of jet engines leading to cooler exhaust, and increased water vapor in the atmosphere due to global warming”(Clark). Theorists for chemtrails have concluded this information through study and observation.

Conspiracy theorists have assumed evidence claiming that chemtrails are longer, differently colored and do not dissipate as quickly as normal aircraft contrails but not so people who do not believe this conspiracy and think it is just an entire space of a fool’s yard.The controversy explained that airplane contrails are lingering more than they used to is due to changes in jet engine technology in addition to an increase in air travel over the last couple decades also the atmospheric changes from global warming greatly contribute causing te artificial clouds to linger for a good amount of time. One journalist says that the partly reason why people have come to speculate so many theories is partly due to the culture of social media that arises many of the one controversies for chemtrails. Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientists says,”We might not convince die-hard believers that their beloved secret spraying program is just a paranoid fantasy, but hopefully their friends will accept the facts.” If any piece of information conflicts with your worldview then there is a great chance that you are more likely to dismiss it.

There is an earnest debate both on the science and technology and on the societal issue to chemtrails. Unfortunately, in some areas of the society, online and real life, valid concerns are taken over the impacts of solar engineering by many fears and suspicions hence the controversies with the two views are everlasting. While the conspiracy believers are earnestly looking for the truth, it is a worth-discussing debate contributing around 60% of the internet discussions on geoengineering being conspiratorial.

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