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Have you ever wondered if some of the rumors you hear are true? Conspiracy theories have been going around for a long time now. There have been many different conspiracy theories on celebrities lately Such as, them being involved in the illuminati and selling their souls to the devil. These topics are often interesting to most people because it makes them wonder if it’s true. Whether you believe it or not some conspiracy theories can be proven true. Conspiracy theories is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. The very first conspiracy theory to ever hit the internet was about a ghost town in New jersey.

Now, conspiracy theories are full of things we thought would never to happen in real life or even things we watched and read as a kid. Most conspiracy theories occur when celebrities try to become more relevant to the world. Celebrities do things privately but they then expose them to the public for attention. The conspiracy issue comes about when many rumors go around and they sometimes forces the celebrity to come out about it. For example, Beyonce being illuminati, she never said that she was; however, her actions spoke for her. Being that she is very famous, everyone decided to “call it like they see it”. Celebrities or anyone with any type of fame should be more careful with what they do around others because it can get very messy and they can get the wrong kind of public attention. Being a celebrities comes with a lot of attention so sometimes people try to plant things on them to get some sort of fame themselves. Majority of these conspiracy theories are ideas not facts.

The conspiracy i want to talk about first is the conspiracy theory on Justin Bieber being a reptile. This conspiracy theory came to be when bystanders in Australia claim they saw Justin Bieber turn into a lizard in broad daylight. Apparently everyone went crazy, girls cried and jumped into taxis as soon as they could. According to the sources his bodyguards were yelling that they would kick them in their teeth if they didn’t put their phones away. There was also this viral video that made people question it even more, where Justin’s eyes change into reptile eyes in the middle. Another bystander told the site that there were girls hiding in toilets crying and Guys were running for the exits. Someone said they saw his eyes go black; another person claimed the singer grew taller and had gross scales all over his body. Basically, there was chaos, there were phones and people were recording the entire terrifying scene. Except, there weren’t any videos of the alleged transformation. In other words it is considered fake news.

Although this has not been the first time people have accused Justin Bieber to be a reptile but there are many other different conspiracy theories going around about him and his engagement a long time ago. First it was Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. Now, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are reportedly engaged. With so many engagements coming up, some people are beginning to question what is going on. The Internet loves to talk, and Justin Bieber’s relationship with Hailey Baldwin has given it plenty opportunities to do just that. Even if you’ve been logged off for the past month or two, you’re probably still aware of the Bieber and Baldwin relationship. There has been allegations that Justin and Hailey’s relationship is sponsored by the New York City Parks department. But, there has been no proof to show that this is true or not. Believe it or not there are many other celebrities that fake relationships just to get our attention right before they release an album for more sales.

I’m pretty sure everybody in the world heard many different conspiracy theories about Beyonce. The beyhive may not be too happy about the many conspiracy theories surrounding their queen bey. Some doubters believe Beyonce was never pregnant with daughter her Blue Ivy but, instead used a surrogate. Skeptics have cited her on again-off again bump in photographs, not remembering her own due date, and the most speculated- onevent was while appearing on Australian TV her stomach appears to fold down during an interview, But of course this particular information was proven false.

The most popular conspiracy theory on beyonce is that she is apart of the illuminati or maybe even witchcraft. The Illuminati is a one-party group that are believed by some that controls our governments, big businesses. According to Rolling Stone, Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z has been accused by rumours to being linked to the Illuminati. Many believers think that Jay Z has brung her into the organization being that he was in it before her. But the number one question is “Is there proof?” According to Rolling Stone, believers point to a triangle hand symbol the couple have been seen making. The video for Beyonce’s 2008 single “Single Ladies”, allegedly contains hidden messages when played backwards. So the "evidence" is not exactly accurate, but the rumours are still going around. Beyonce even references the rumours in her song “Formation” quoting, “ Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess.” During her 2013 performance at the super bowl, she wore black, white, and used fire, which people say are very satanic. There was also a blackout, which was caused many of her supporters to believe she caused it. In a 2008 interview with Marie Claire, she revealed that when she's performing as Sasha Fierce, she's not herself. While this is a debatable topic, It is very hard to find reliable information on this particular in formation, Which is very strange because you would think that something so popular should have millions of articles on it.

This conspiracy theory is on the king of pop, Michael Jackson. As everybody know Michael Jackson is an American singer, songwriter and dancer. He is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century and one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Michael Jackson was a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. However, what shook the world was the news of his sudden death in 2009, leaving behind a treasure trove of his unforgettable art, shrouded by mysteries surrounding his death. There has been many different conspiracy theories surfacing the internet about his death. The most popular one yet is that he faked his own death. According to media it is very popular for celebrities to fake their or “false allegations” that they did so. But, this would be a very strange thing for Michael to do.

Some theories have suggested that the King of Pop, who, at that time, was heavily in debt, wanted to flee from his creditors. However, the Los Angeles coroner's office had carried out a post-mortem and confirmed that the body was that of Jackson. Some argue that Jackson's appearance at the O2 arena was a little bizarre, even by his standards. Conspiracy theorists claim that he looked tall and his fingers were too stumpy. They believe he was replaced by an impersonator. According to websites, an alleged federal agent came forward in 2015 to expose one of Jackson's final phone calls where it seemed that he was already aware of a plot being hatched for his murder by federal agents. In fact, The Sun had also reported of a shocking note allegedly written by Jackson just weeks before his death. The note read, ''They are trying to murder me". The note further said that he was ''scared about his life'' and "the system wants to kill me for my catalogue". On the other hand, Jackson's sister, La Toya Jackson, indicated that Jackson was killed by business interests, in order to profit from his estate. In the memoir titled Fall Guy, it is mentioned that La Toya was repeatedly told by Michael that he was going to be killed for his estate.

Conspiracy theories has evolved so much today. Although they may seem silly when you hear about it but when you are shown facts it could have you questioning your everyday life. The number one conspiracy theory question is “ is the government really behind all of this?’’ It’s really sad that you can’t believe your favorite celebrities nowadays. You don’t know whether to take the news serious because you don’t know if it’s fake news or not. There are nearly as many explanations for conspiracy theories as there are theories themselves, but some patterns do appear again and again.

You may find people asking, “Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?” After doing research on this question i came to a conclusion that people who often believe in conspiracies have The desire for understanding, certainty, control, security , and The desire to maintain a positive self-image. They are often seeking explanations for events is a natural human desire. They are constantly asking why things happen the way they do. They don’t just ask questions, They also quickly find answers to those questions. Not necessarily the correct answers, but rather answers that fulfill their wonder. Conspiracy theories are also known as false beliefs, by definition. But people who believe in them have a vested interest in maintaining them. First, they’ve put some effort into understanding the conspiracy theory explanation, whether by reading books, going to websites, or watching TV programs that support their beliefs. Uncertainty is an unpleasant state, and conspiracy theories provide a sense of understanding and certainty that is comforting.

People need to feel they’re in control of their lives. For instance, many people feel safer when they’re the driver in the car rather than a passenger. Of course, even the best drivers can get into accidents for reasons beyond their control. Likewise, conspiracy theories can give their believers a sense of control and security. This is especially true when the alternative account feels threatening. For example, if global temperatures are rising catastrophically due to human activity, then I’ll have to make painful changes to my comfortable lifestyle. But if pundits and politicians assure me that global warming is a hoax, then I can maintain my current way of living. This kind of motivated reasoning is an important component in conspiracy theory beliefs. So the next time you feel like something doesn’t seem right, look it up it might be other people wondering just like you.

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