Conspiracy Theories Explanation

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Throughout time, we as a society have seen many events unfold. Some major and some more minor. However, many of these regardless have be documented and sorted into fact from fiction. But, there is still the gray area in between that still draws questions. Whether it be the true motives or who was really involved. These lead to what many have call conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are defined as a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators (Merriam-Webster). Many people believe in these conspiracy theories, but as well many will challenge these ideas too. One specific area would be that of life outside of our own planet; better referred to as Science Conspiracies and Hoaxes. People believe in science type of conspiracies because of fear, unknown areas, and lack of evidence to support it.

People for many decades have been interested in life outside of our own planet. Whether it be the actual scientific study behind life outside of our own, or what many believe life looks like in our own imagination. This leads to fear in the hearts of many people, because of the thought of what could be. Some of this can be attributed to the early forms of cinematography and the early ideas, of life outside of our planet looks like. The earliest recorded film to demonstrate the idea of life outside of our planet wa the French movie, Le Voyage Dans La Lune or in English A Trip To The Moon (IMDB 2018). This film was brought to the US in 1902, and was the first film to introduce the thought of life outside of Earth. It also introduced the topic of aliens to the general public. Which would lead to many more films introducing aliens as being terrifying creators from beyond the stars.

However, as many know films are films and they generally are just used to scare people. For some however, aliens are not just a screen object but rather a part of life itself. To astrologer Carl Sagan life outside of Earth was nothing short of reality. Sagan was a huge believer in life outside of the Earth. In 1967 Sagan along with the National Geographic drew up an early image, of what Sagan believed life on Mars looked like (Daly 2017). Because of this image produced by Sagan, many other scientist also looked into the thought of extraterrestrial life. Once the public saw these images many began to speculate if, they too had seen these creatures and such. This brings up the conversation of another important part of alien conspiracy and that is the topic of Area 51.

Area 51 is another topic that adds to the conspiracy theories as well. Since much of Area 51 is unknown to the public many speculate what really goes on there. In an article presented by the History Channel it is stated that, "For decades, conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists have speculated that the government uses Area 51 to experiment with extraterrestrials and their spacecrafts. Some have connected the site with the alleged government coverup of a 1947 incident in which an alien spacecraft supposedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico; others have even claimed that the moon landing was staged right there in the Nevada desert (History Channel). Claims like this one exist throughout all of the nation and world. Area 51 is believed to be a sure fire piece of evidence to support these claims of conspiracy theories. However, like previously mentioned there is still a lot the public does not know.

These two points are used just to show that these conspiracies are not all just crazy beliefs. There is generally a decent amount of fact put into the topics of conspiracies, but there is also a lot of imagination used as well. This is why conspiracy theories are so vast and unique in nature. Because there is always a change in the human understanding of what goes on in the world. This leads us a society to question do these conspiracies actually have validation? And should we believe in them? Some agree, while others care to disagree, in the end however the truth will always lie somewhere in the middle. With this in mind we can choose to believe what it is we see or are told. Or do the research ourselves, which will clear up a lot of the problems we have about conspiracy theories in our fears, and unknown and lack of evidence. That is why in the modern era, it is not as much of what if, but rather when will we find what we have been looking for in the stars.

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