Lifelog Facebook Conspiracy

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Now you are gonna hear a lot of conspiracies today. Moon landing was fake, Australia isn’t real, the great mattress firm conspiracy, etc. Those are funny and are interesting to think about and laugh at the people that actually believe in those crazy theories. But today I have a theory that you probably haven’t heard much of and is flying under the radar. It is the Lifelog/Facebook theory. I know Mr. Fitzgerald told us to not make this an informatory paper. Not to read you a wikipedia article in my own words, but to truly explain his conspiracy I have to give you some background so bear with me here.

Alright, so lifelog was launched in 2003 by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA for short. The program’s purpose was to record all of a person's movements, conversations, what music you listen to, what purchases you made, literally everything you do in your day to day life. The master plan behind it was create a permanent and searchable record of all our lives. The hopes of it was to create a computerized assistant that would remember what you don’t, and be able to assist you in your daily life. But of course as we know, Lifelog never made it to the public. It would be hard to get the world population give up their personal info if it was directly tied to the CIA or NSA so it was killed on February 4th 2004.

So what is the conspiracy surrounding it? Outside of the obvious wanting everyone's information and that seeming like a small bit of invasion of privacy. Well the question is why pay for data mining of personal information through a military project when everyone is willing to give up their info willingly?

On February 4th 2004 Facebook was launched. That is an insanely weird coincidence. The same day the government shut down lifelog was the same day facebook was invented. Everyday 2.2 billion people post to facebook and update their status. That is the exact point of lifelog. They wanted to get people’s information and keep up with their day to day life, what better way to do that than Facebook? So, the conspiracy is that the Government continued their spy operation through Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg did not invent Facebook in his college dorm room. He is simply the figurehead of the operation. Peter Thiel, one of the 3 members of Facebook’s board of directors, is the co founder of defense contractor Palantir which provides a lot of datamining tech to the US government. Facebook also hired Regina Dugan in 2016 who used to work for DARPA. It would seem that the government funded Facebook and hire DARPA executives to work for the same companies that had helped create the projects from its inception.

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