Conspiracy Theory: the Existing of Global Warming Crisis and the Debating Causes and Effects of it

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As united as we should be on the very concerning topic of Global Warming, we most certainly remain divided on the existing crisis and the debating causes and effects of it. In most recent history this has become a popular and consistent topic of discussion all around the globe. What scientists and experts believe is a global health crisis has been deemed a “hoax” by others, including the President of the United States and many of its citizens. The opposing theory completely disregards the facts set forth by an existential amount of scientists and is debated with conspiracy theories, and shrugs of doubt with no opposing evidence to support other claims.

Within the disbelieving community allots for numerous citizens to be left in the dark about the reality of what is currently happening, at very alarming speeds, due to our everyday lifestyle routines. Most people are unknowingly contributing to the mass destruction of our planet and potentially our human existence. I too, was completely unaware at how my everyday routine such as simply going to work using my gas, or going bagging up groceries, or cooking dinner with the stove or eating meat is contributing to this crisis, however, I feel if we educate ourselves we can do better.
In the wake of a global crisis the silver lining didn’t hesitate to display its beauty only 3 days after a complete shutdown of Italy.

There hasn’t been a time where this theory was able to be proven until now and it just may have opened the eyes of many. Within just 3 days of ultimately little to no pollution, due to lockdown Venice Italy, the Venetian Lagoon is finally clear for the first time in over 60 years and for the first time in many years Dolphins and Swans are also returning to the canals. Global warming may not have been the cause of this pandemic but it most certainly showed what pollution truly does which, just may have been the root cause for the tragedy that struck just months earlier, which New York post quoted “Apocalyptic” flooding in Venice.

Pollution comes in many forms and is one of the leading causes for global warming. Sometimes pollution is the effect of our actions. When we go to work and take transportation, we are indirectly polluting. When we litter or smoke, we are directly polluting, but who would have ever thought that just by going grocery shopping you are contributing to the biggest pollution on the planet and the leading cause of climate change and global warming.
Climate change is just one chilling effect of what happens when Global Warming initiates. It doesn’t just affect us though, it affects the animals, weather, and plants which will change our ecosystem and life as we knew it. The weather changes can cause hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and many more. Our plants produce our oxygen and without them we couldn’t survive, and the animals will face extinction or severe population decrease. All of these things can be prevented with conscious decisions to change our lifestyle but first we need to be educated on how these things impact our society and what the cause and effect of each of our decisions is.

According to National Geographic Greenhouse gasses are higher than they have ever been in over 800,000 years. These gasses trap heat in our atmosphere not allowing it to pass and is constantly building up. One of the main contributing factors to greenhouse gas emissions is the livestock sector. The more people eat, the more they produce. Livestock accounts for 85% of greenhouse emissions and 90% of agriculture land use and is expected to peak in the upcoming years. Scientists claim that if we stop eating meat, it will help aid in fighting this global health crisis and potentially reverse the effects of what has already been done.

What it ultimately boils down to at the end of the day is that every day human activity is ultimately destroying our planet. If we do not change our lifestyle the result will be deadly for us and our future generations. If we continue to pollute, soon, we will not be able to breathe in clean air, we will not be able to drink clean water. If we continue to frack and use gas emissions to farm there will soon be no land left to farm. The consequences of our actions are not just deadly to us but to this planet as well. Some of this damage is already irreversible and we will have to live with that for generations to come but it’s important to give these future generations a fighting chance.

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“Conspiracy Theory: the Existing of Global Warming Crisis and the Debating Causes and Effects of it”

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