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Jonestown Conspiracy Theory Rhetoric Essay

James Warren Jones or as he is commonly referred to, Jim Jones was born May 13, 1931 in Crete, Indiana. Jones grew up in a poverty stricken home due to the Great Depression and lived in a shack which would later lead to him wanting to base his religious teachings on helping people from lower […]

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Conspiracy Theories Explanation

Throughout time, we as a society have seen many events unfold. Some major and some more minor. However, many of these regardless have be documented and sorted into fact from fiction. But, there is still the gray area in between that still draws questions. Whether it be the true motives or who was really involved. […]

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Foreknowledge and Theory of Conspiracy Theory

The foreknowledge conspiracy supports the supposition that the US government got involved in the 9/11 attacks either directly, by mounting explosives on World Trade Center 7, by claiming the lack of large-scale evidence while reporting the discovery of the most unlikely evidence to surface such attacks, or indirectly, by dismissing the clues that indicated towards […]

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The Mental Prevalence of Conspiracy Theories

Humanity has perpetually been captivated by the undiscovered mysteries of the world and even reached into the obscure notorious to find a fitting truth. For hundreds of years, a few people known as conspiracy theorists have challenged what is stated only to speculate by taking a distinctive perspective from an acquired material. According to the […]

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What is a Conspiracy Theory?

A conspiracy theory is a theory that tells of how an event takes place. People believe in conspiracy theories for many different reasons. Some want a sense of understanding, as well as the want to have a positive self-image. It is human nature to wonder what goes on around them and why. When we ask […]

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Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? An article titled”Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories.”, posted on “theconversation” website, discusses the reasons people believe in the conspiracy theories. The authors Catherine Pickering and Jason Byrne, not only explain the information about conspiracy theory, but also about human belief. Authors Pickerine and Byrne explain an ongoing report […]

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Government Conspiracy Theories Overview

Although conspiracy theories have always been a well known topic, they have recently become more popular due to all the controversial events around us today. For those who may not know, a conspiracy theory is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. In fact, the most mentioned […]

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Conspiracy Theories the Government was Involved with

Seventeen years ago a tragic event, 9/11, took place in New York. September 11, 2001 was the date on which a terrorist hijacked flights to target the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and the White House. The attack caused rapid destruction of the buildings and distress in people throughout the world. Throughout time, evidence was collected and […]

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Flat Earth, the Conspiracy and Canard

Please allow me to open this essay by quickly stating that my intention is not to mock or deride members of the Flat Earth Community. My primary objective is to shed light on the concept of Flat Earth by clarifying the positions and scientific credibility behind the Flat Earth Society. The globally discussed conspiracy shared […]

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Conspiracy Theory “Chemtrails” Summary

The chemtrails conspiracy theory was first originated when people started noticing the lingering contrails that lasted long enough to make people think that it must contain additional chemicals. this theory suggested that the governments or other parties are engaged in a secret program to spray harmful biological agents at a high altitude for top secret […]

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The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Essay

Has anyone ever said anything that you wondered if true or not? What if someone told you they were going to rule the world. People will do anything to take control. Everyone wants power and authority over people. There are some groups that are formed just for power. The illuminati is an organization of celebrities […]

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Types of Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been around for centuries and will likely be around long after we are gone. While it is not known whether or not any of these theories are true, there are many people who fervently believe in them. Some people would say that these theories are excuses people make because they don’t want […]

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Conspiracy Theories in Today’s Society

Conspiracy theories are extremely popular on the internet today. On YouTube, channels dedicated to conspiracy theories have millions of subscribers and views. There appears to be conspiracy theories about everything, from celebrity deaths, to if the moon landing was real or not, and literature is not excluded from this fad. People have dedicated their lives […]

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The Moon Landing and Conspiracys

Abstract During 1969 the Americans landed on the moon and since then some people believe the moon landings to be a hoax, these people are called conspiracists. Many conspiracists have found evidence pointing towards the Apollo never going to the moon and it was all just a hoax and it was all filmed in a […]

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Conspiracy Theories as a Genre

There are a variety of definitions surrounding the concept of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are complex and have different purposes or ideas that one could even argue that “To give a denotative definition of the term “conspiracy theory” is profoundly misleading” (Perry). Although this is somewhat true, most conspiracy theories share the same set of […]

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