Attacks on the Titans are a Figment of Hajime Isayama’s Imagination

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The creator of “Attack on Titan” Hajime Isayama, was first inspired by his own personal experiences. He began his inspiration by having humanity build walls to block out enemies who would constantly attack. Being raised in a similar manner, Isayama felt isolated and had no idea what lies beyond the mountains (acting like his own personal walls) that he grew up by. (Oita,Japan where Isamaya was born and raised) As a child he would dream about what lies behind the mountains and he would even imagine monsters lurking there. Another inspiration that should be credited is a japanese manga called “Hell Teacher Nube”. This manga helped Isayama developed the idea of the Titans because a character named Mona Lisa who was a cannibal and a gigantic, humanoid creature. One can only assume that seeing this as a child, Isayama could not get his mind off of it and it would later play a huge role in the making of the Titans. Another significant factor in the story is the use of vertical maneuvering equipment. The idea came from, yet again, another manga called “Desert Punk” and fighting in the air using wired equipment to grip onto walls or trees, inspired Isayama to also use these kinds of equipments for his manga.

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“Attacks on the Titans are a Figment of Hajime Isayama’s Imagination”

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Isayama first pitched his idea to the publishers of Shonen Jump and it is known to be one of Japan’s most popular manga magazines as it has produced many well known and loved mangas such as, One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. He was suggested by the editor of Jump to change his manga style a bit to suit the readers. Although given this advice, Isayama was determined to do things his way and he decided to not change his style but to change his publisher. With that he ended up getting his manga published at “Bessatsu Shonen” and since at the time, the magazine was not very popular, Isayama was able to publish his very first manga the way he wanted and envisioned it to be.

Attack on Titan is considered to be one of the most popular animes out there to date. It debuted on April 6, 2013 and since then, its popularity has soared. There are many reasons for this and some being that it has many different kinds of problems with different themes involved.

Another reason for its popularity is the relatability of the characters such as Erin, the protagonist. He is determined to do as he promised, which is wipe out the titans for revenge on his mother’s death. A very interesting concept that is used throughout the anime is that many important characters are dying and it shows that even in the fictional world no one is safe from death. Attack on Titan is a show that is different from any other because of its diverse. 

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