What Reason Force Intercultural Communication Become Harder 

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Communication is great part in our normal life especially for the foreign students cultural shock is never be obsolete argument to disgust and always the one of the top suffering for foreign student should experience. Doesnt communicate well would impede students to feel the real local cultural and the ordinary thing on the previous would no longer easy as they think which also becomes the one of the biggest challenges for them. The communication here not only just mean about the talking way but also represent the behavior and thinking way. Foreign students usually not pay more attention about the local rule law or even the normal behavior the normal things on their eyes might not normal for local people. We may rely inordinately on common sense to direct our communication behavior the common only to a particular culture. Said by professor Milton J. Bennett 1998 comparing the difference between weston and easton countrys culture background would find some clue of the cause in order to feel the content directly china and america are representative of the countries from two sides of the world. 

Cultural shock is current already exist students could never escape from this gap during my investigation I find some reason and suggestion to avoid detours. Different between intercultural communication whenever people communicate with each other with their own ideas they would find some way to keep the talking continue. Historically if people were unsuccessful in convince different people we tried to convert them for example political economic and religious missionaries sought out opportunities to impose their own beliefs on others. Milton J. Bennett but nowadays people cannot just convert other like that. The basic talking and thinking different on certain part. First is more directly about the content of the chatting. Most of american or weston country people would avoid to talk the topic which too private such as the grade salary or current emotional situation they mind about these kinds of question and think that is offensive. 

On the contrary people from the easton country mind as much as weston they still can discus that but some question also not be answered if it is too bother. Second of all the point is what I talk about the communication style it highly affects by habit which called habitual patterns of thought johnson timothy page12 and the habits largely determined by culture reveal during the communication process especially when discuss or prove one point. European americans usually have prefer a linear style which means if they want understand what happening on point b that people should told him the point a or point c if needed to give him a clue and connect these points together lead him to the final answer. What if the speaker not follow this style they will lose the point or does not follow the thought. This style is also established as the standard to judge the critical thinking. However easton country use completely different ways unlike the few points make a line thought asians prefer to describe others a whole big picture and tell the full story with lots of detail but they would not tell the point or answer too directly. They put all clue and information on the story which let audience to feel the ideas and find the answers by themselves it is called contextual discussion style. It is famous on most of region except northern european and european american males. 

Last but not the least is correlate cultural values. Typical value could separate to two different type: collectivism and individualism. The former is famous on the asian and easton country the latter for the rest region. Chines and japanese typically favor collectivism which consider team work would be better and high efficiency. When person make an achievement that also owe his team family or friends. But reverse on the west people typically work independent and rare to make trouble to others. When they make a great achievement it most be his own effort.

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