Rising Popular Culture, Sports as Well as National Holidays in the United States

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Just like every country America has popular culture, sports as well as national holidays. America is so diverse with people from all over the world. Many Americans comes from different cultural backgrounds and that’s is what makes America a great country and a great place to be with great people.

Popular culture.

Popular culture in America cuts across a large spectrum which includes fashion, Dances as well as movies. America is one of the countries that are very rich in fashion and that comes with some of the leading fashions in the world. American heritage is vested in fashion including the National flag of the USA. According to Suzanne Fisher a certain school in Florida passed a resolution to which allowed teaching multicultural studies. This was to be done in a way that American culture is more superior to any other culture. American culture can never be complete without talking about movies. According to Moore, The international box office brings in billions of dollars of revenue each year for the major Hollywood studios in America.

National holidays.

When it comes to National holidays the United States has established a number of days as national. For instance according to time and date.com a thanks giving Day is a public holiday. Such a day Americans are not required to report to there working places, schools as well as business entities are not supposed to be opened. On Fourth of July, Americans Celebrate independence day. On this day most business are always closed in honor of the day America became independence. Halloween is also rooted deeply in the American Culture as it is the s a celebration observed in several countries on 31st October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows. The three day observance of Allhallowtide season is the time in the liturgical year which is set aside for the remembrance of the dead not to forget the saints as well as the martyrs.


On sports, America has an established history ranging from various sports like baseball, football and basketball. According to an article that was written in 1981 by Berkow he stated that Americans loved baseball and could not imagine having a summer without baseball. Basketball began with one man and a need for an indoor sport in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. Dr. James Naismith who was running a winter program from the local YMCA and needed a sport that could be played inside in a relatively small area. This marked the birth of basketball, since then basketball has been one of the best games ever played in America. The game has great teams like NBA among many other teams.


In conclusion, popular culture, sport, national holidays are the back born of the American history. They should be respected and be taught to generation after generation to let the young understand where America came from.

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