Pro-Choice Views of Abortion in the United Kingdom

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Abortion has become one of the most debated subjects in the U.K. Abortion is the destruction of the fetus while it is still in the womb. There are many points of view towards abortion; the two groups of people arguing are "pro-life, who are those against abortion, and "pro-choice," who believe it is the woman's right to choose if she wants to have a termination.

The pro-choice group believes that women should be able to enjoy, like men, the right to decide whether they want to become parents. If a man can withdraw from a relationship as soon as he finds out about a pregnancy and choose whether to accept responsibility for their child, it is argued that women should have the choice of abortion so they too can choose responsibility.

Pro-choice supporters believe that, as contraceptives can fail and because they are not always available or possible to use, abortion is necessary so people can determine whether and when to bear a child. A single parent or a couple can make this decision. Pro-choice advocates say couples should have the choice of abortion so they can start or expand their families when they feel ready and able to care for a new baby.

Pro-choicers argue that abortion makes it possible for people to choose the number of children they want and to create the kind of family life they want. Pregnancy and childbirth can prevent women from keeping jobs, feeding their families, and serving others in ways they consider necessary and appropriate. Pregnancy may determine whether a woman gets to complete her education. This will influence her ability to support herself and her family; it is argued women should be allowed to have an abortion so this doesn't happen.

Pro-choice people say that all human beings are given some inalienable right guaranteed by the constitution. One of those privileges is the right to pursue happiness. Having a child can sometimes disrupt a woman's happiness. Even if she decides to give the baby up for adoption, she still has the burden of carrying it for nine months. These people believe that taking away this right would be invading a woman's constitutional liberty and that having the option to opt for an abortion can prevent unnecessary hardship or misery.

Pro-choicers state that the unwanted child suffers and that this is unfair. Many mothers of unwanted children are very young, inexperienced, or too poor to take care of the child. As a result, the child can often be malnourished, have no medical care, and receive very little attention or love. Often, an unwanted child has a poor education because of the lack of attention and discipline it receives. Children like these usually grow up to be unproductive, and many get involved in drugs and crime. These individuals can be violent and lacking in morality due to the small amount of care they received. In the long run, not only the child suffers but also society, which has to tolerate the human's violent behavior and crimes. The pro-choicers think having the option to perform an abortion can overcome that obstacle.

However, pro-life activists have a strong argument too. A fertilized egg is not just a mass of tissue; it is alive. Observations of the fetal movements in abortions indicate that the fetus experiences discomfort as it dies. Therefore, a live child is being killed. This is known as murder. It is immoral to kill; therefore, abortion is immoral. Many pro-lifers say there is a better way to solve our problems than by killing children. They feel a fertilized egg is the most beautiful, innocent being we could ever create and can redeem even the worst of our mistakes.

Pro-life believers think that if a woman decides to have sex, what happens after the event is her responsibility. And if you are going to choose to participate in this risky and unsafe practice, then you must be ready to face the consequences.

Finally, pro-lifers believe abortion can leave a mental strain on a woman. Many become confused and overwhelmed by feelings they thought they would never have. Many women thought that an abortion would solve their problems, but after they realize that they are replaced by another set of dilemmas,

Often women go into deep depressions; this is one of the worst side effects of having an abortion, and most women don't think it will happen to them because they are too busy trying to correct the immediate problem.

In summary, a woman's right to choose could justify abortion, but it could be banned because it is an immoral act. Women have been given the right to have an abortion, but pro-life groups that continue to fight for the rights of the unborn child are still opposed.

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