An Analysis of the Pro-Choice and its Support on the Legalization of Abortion

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The pro-choice movement supports the legalization of abortion and argues that it is up to an individual to decide whether to have an abortion. They believe in the theory that life begins at birth, stating that an embryo in the first three months is just a potential human being but not an actual one (Peikoff). It is, therefore, a woman's choice to give the embryo a chance to develop into a human being or terminate it. In its first trimester, the embryo is a part of the human body, just like the appendix, and can be removed when one chooses to. It does not exist independently and cannot, therefore, have rights, including the right to life.

There are various reasons that allow a woman to perform an abortion. They include unwanted pregnancy, a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, and a lack of finances to support the baby after the birth. Women who get pregnant when they are not prepared always face frustrations and should be allowed to abort since they will end up not taking good care of their children when they are born. Those who become pregnant as a result of rape or incest should also not be left to bear the child if they do not want to. Some people may argue that they should be left to carry their babies until delivery and adopt the baby, forgetting that the pregnancy will be reminding the woman of the trauma she passed through. What about if she does not get a place to adopt the baby? The baby will surely remind her of the things she went through on the day she was raped throughout her life. Taking care of a child needs time, effort, and money. It requires a lot of concentration on the part of the mother during the first three years. At the later stages of the child's life, finances are required to give the child basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. If the mother is skint and not ready, why should she be punished for her entire life?

Pro-choice advocates also argue that it is good judgment to end the life of the unborn and save the life of the mother rather than lose both in case the mother's health is in danger. They add that it is good to save the mother's life because, as an adult, she can still bear and give birth to another child. Moreover, human beings have a right to choose. There is no reason, therefore, to forbid a woman from choosing abortion.

When abortion is not legalized, many unwanted children will be born who will be subjected to different kinds of violence. Some of them will be left on their own and turn into street children. Subjecting a child to abuse, violence, and suffering is totally immoral. Many people may complain of increased crime but do not think of what might have caused the crime. Many of the criminals may be those children who were born and neglected by their parents, not because their mothers wanted them but because of the tough laws on abortion.

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