Abortion is a Problem to be Solved, not a Moral Issue

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Why is it that when a man kills a pregnant women it counts as 2 counts of murder,but if a pregnant woman doesn't count as it doesn’t count as a murder but yet she is killing her own child?Is that even fair to that baby that was murdered without reason to be killed? Many pregnant women don't want to have a baby so they will go to the abortion clinics and just go and kill their child. That? not the saddest part the saddest part is that they don't hurt their baby but they hurt their own body and mind. Even if they don´t know that or don't care they will always have that in their conscience or their state of mind.

Many catholic and Non- Catholics that still believe that those human beings and many Catholics believe and we should all believe that in the principles of the catholic faith it says that all catholics should agree and believe that ¨all life is sacred from conception to natural death and taking the life of an innocent human being, whether born or unborn it? still morally wrong”.

During the walks for life which are normally held all over the world and the nearest ones to this central valley is San Francisco. In the walks for life a lot of people think that only adults go to support life but if you go to pro-life websites you will see pictures from the walk for life with little newborn babies and with toddlers outside in the cold but their parents support life and take their children to the walks to teach their children to support life. That’s what’s we should all do is support life. Babies should not have to suffer death and should have the right to live too. Would you have wanted your parents to kill you and you could not have done anything to save yourself? Obviously not because you didn’t have a choice and were a baby and didn’t really know what was going on in that moment.

Other women don’t think in their children they just think in their own body. It doesn’t only affect women and their baby but it also affects the women mentally. Maybe they don’t care that moment that they did it but one day they will finally recognize what they did was wrong because they murdered their own child which is wrong but might not notice yet. This also goes along with the golden rule which is that “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”.But many women think it’s just about themselves. Not many women believe that it’s not right to kill your child but many women believe that killing their child is wrong but this is because the people working in abortion clinics tell all the women that “It’s just a tissue and some cells” which is not true it’s a living human. Almost 3 thousand abortions are unfortunately done each day.

The way the process works doesn’t just hurt the women but also hurts the baby. One of the women that did this tragedy shared what she did and explains that it’s very traumatizing even tho you might not know what you are doing. The conclusion is just that a baby “is not a choice it’s a child”! Women can’t just decide that they don’t want their child and go to an abortion clinic and just say I really can’t take care of my baby so i'm here to kill it. Maybe they can’t actually take care of their child but an option is to put it in adoption. Many women might want to have a child but can’t and goes and adopts a kid.Abortion also lowers the amount of kids in orphanages.Babies should also have the choice to live and have a wonderful life

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