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PROJECT BACKGROUND In today’s business perspective a business rely heavily on their human resource department personnel to find the right persons to fit the right position within the organization. Therefore, the human resource department functions as the link between the organization and the employees. Human Resource Management as defined by (Dessler, 2007) is the policies and practices that is involved in carrying out the ‘people’ or human resources aspect of a management position, which includes recruitment, screening, training and appraisals. According to this definition, as you can see, human resource management is not merely about handling recruitment, pay and discharging, but also about the strategic growth of the organization. This research is about a business that has been struggling with how to develop the skills and knowledge that is needed for working with and leading others through the necessary channels of how to go about recruiting the right people for the job. Annie C Consulting Inc. is a private organization that has been hired by Shoppers Delite Supermarket to perform an internal audit into the legislation and requirements that is related to recruitment and selection and how to go about implementing and using these recruitment, selection and retention processes more effectively in the organization. Annie C Consulting Inc. is a Jamaican based regional consulting organization which specializes in business development, effective business planning, people development and training and creates solutions to problems and to help businesses grow. Annie C Consulting Inc. was created to teach entrepreneurs how to develop and operate their own legitimate business. This project is focused on how to develop the skills and knowledge that is needed for working with and leading others, through understanding the importance of recruiting the right people for a job, the legislations and requirements that is related to recruitment and selection as well as how the business can go about implementing and using these recruitment, selection and retention processes more effectively. This research will also focus on the leadership styles and the impacts that it have on the business, how to work effectively in a team as well as how to assess the work and developmental needs of individuals within the business environment. LITERATURE REVIEW What is human resource management? The term human resource management has been the most thought of question for the past decade. So the delivery of human resource management go back as far as the 1900s, when writers like Drucker and McGregor stressed the need for visionary goal-directed leadership and management of business integration . By the 1960s the ‘behavioural science movement’ was succeeded by Maslow, Argyris and Herzberg. These scholars emphasised the ‘value’ aspect of human resources (HR) in organisations and argued for a better quality of working life for workers. This formed the basis of the ‘organisational development movement’ initiated by Bennis in the 1970s. Some theorist has different perception of what human resource management entails. According to (McGregor & Gershenfeld, 2005) human resources management is the task of harnessing human energy to meet organizational requirements.So based on this definition given by Mr. McGregor human resource management is about getting people together using the available resources to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives. Although a human resource is considered by many as the most important asset of an organization, very few of these organizations implement the use of their human capital for the development and effectiveness of the organizational goals. The human resource department has to work with the employees and the employers. They coordinate the activities of the employees and aids in the recruitment, selection and retention processes for the organization. The organization has to follow proper recruitment, selection, and retention procedures to employ the appropriate employees.Therefore, it is important to select and recruit the right people for the job in order to make the business successful. OBJECTIVES METHODOLOGY Qualitative research is collecting, analyzing and interpreting data by observing what other people do and say. This type of research is used to gain understanding of opinions and to provide insights into problem or to develop ideas for potential quantitative research. Quantitative research refers to the scientific proof and measurement using statistical analysis. Therefore qualitative research is more subjective than quantitative research and uses very different methods of collecting information, mainly in-depth interviews and focus groups. Whereas, quantitative research is focus on survey analysis. My research methodology requires doing a significant amount of research and gathering all the relevant data that was needed to guide me, so I would be able to analyze the materials and arrive at a more complete understanding of how to approach the questions that was given to me. Data collection consisted of survey and interviews with some managers, notes from lectures, as well as text books and internet. I was able to use all these resources to answer my research assignment that was given to me by Colbourne College. Both primary and secondary sources were used for the completion of this research because the information was more accessible. Therefore this study shows the method of research used, data collection, instruments used and the analysis of data that was gathered for the interpretation.
  1. Documentation used to select and recruit a new member of staff.
Shoppers Delite Supermarket identifies the hiring needs for a new staff member. The human resource department for Shoppers Delite prepared the following document for the selection and recruitment of the new member of staff. Approval of recruitment The recruitment process is started with the approval of recruitment from the authority of the organization.The departmentsthat are inneed of new employees would send a draft with position description and a document that describe the required skill and education for the post. After approving the draft the managers or supervisors would send it to the human resource department. Position description This is where the organization would describe the position that is to be filled by each applicant. From the job description, interview questions, interview evaluations and reference checks questions are developed. Before advertising the vacant position within the organization, the managers must describe the position for which it is going to recruit new members. Advertising This process is how you would go about advertising for the job positions using the different advertising media. After advertising, Shoppers Delite Supermarket then gathers the potential candidate for the required position. There are different media for giving their job advertisement such as online advertisement, print media and electronic media. The advertisement also includes the vacancy announcement, required skill, term related to payment, etc. Human resource department of city link is required to obey the advertisement law before giving the advertisement.
  1. The legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection processes.
The impacts of legal, regulatory and ethical consideration to the recruitment and selection process are: Minimum Wage Act The minimum wage act is the lowest hourly, daily or monthly remuneration that employers pay to their workers.This will affect the business because persons will not be willing to work for minimum wages so it will cause fewer people to apply for job positions within the organization. TheEmployment (Termination and RedundancyPayments)Act This will affect the organization in a negative way because if workers are relieved of their duties without being informed of why they are being let go or made redundant then they can take legal actions against the company for contract breach. The Employment (Equal Pay forMen and Women) Act This act states that all employees whether male or female who do the same work or work of equal value must receive the same pay as workers of the other sex. This will affect the company because you will have to pay employees the right amount of pay for work completed on a given day regardless of gender. If this doesn’t happen then employees can take their employers to court for breach of the employment act. Equality (age) Regulation Act Both young and old citizens get same benefit in recruitment and selection process. If the human resource managers gives special privileges to any of two group, it will be unlawful and break the provision of equality (age) regulation act. Race Relation Act If the job advertisement calls for a particularrace or nationality, it will break the provision of race relation act.
  1. Steps used in the selection process for a job.
According to (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 2006) selection is the process where an organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics that will help to achieve its goals. In essence the selection process is used to screen applicants to ensure that the best candidate is hired for the job. Therefore the steps that were taken to select candidates for a job position at Shoppers Delite Supermarket are:
  • Analyzing the need for the job
  • Job description
  • Advertise the Vacancy
  • Assessing the candidates
  • Interview
Analyzing the need for the job This is where we would identify the job roles or vacancies of the particular job. This process involves the type of jobs that will be carried out by each employee. Job Description This is where we would describe the position that is to be filled by each applicant. From the job description, interview questions, interview evaluations and reference checks questions are developed. Advertise the Vacancy This process is how you would go about advertising for the job positions using the different advertising media. Short listings Afterreceivingnumber of applications from the respectivecandidates who applied for the vacant positions,the human resource department then selects the most qualified applicantsto fill the fit the job vacancy. Interviews The human resource department then set the interviews for the selected candidates. Within this stage the organization would choose the best candidate that is suited for the job. Contract Signing This is final stages in selection process where the organizations then select their new employee to fill the available position that was outline in the job advertisement.
  1. Personal contribution that was needed to execute the selection process
In this assignment I was able to oversee how the necessary documents for the selection of employees were carried out and how the advertisement to gather employees was done. I also was able to take part the selection process for the new staff at Shoppers Delite Supermarket. I play my role in short listing applicants as well as preparing documents to appoint new employees.
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